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Different response to drugs this time??

I’m currently giving IUI a second chance and have had a completely different response to the drugs this time around. On my first cycle I only needed three doses of menopur before I had a mature follicle, that was on alternate nights as I was responding so well. In total I was only taking the drugs for ten days before the dreaded 2WW begun.

This time I’m not responding well at all. My scan today showed one of my ovaries is doing nothing, the other has only a few 6/7mm follicles and I’m now at the point I was at last time when I was told to do my trigger injection. The clinic have told me to keep going with the drugs on alternate nights for another week although they are going to ask the consultant for his opinion and I could possibly go to menopur every night.

I’m confused as to why I’m having such a different response this time? My first cycle was only three months ago. Anyone else had different responses on different cycles?


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Hun don't know anything about the medical side but I'm sure your clinic are doing all they can. It's not over yet Hun remember that :) your body may respond well by next week :) Hope you get some better news soon.:) Know how hard it can be getting the "bad" news. :( Good luck. Let me know how you get on. Keeping my fingers crossed for you X


Thanks Jess. Don't know if I need to be worried but I have a few niggles that are bothering me but the clinic seem to ignore. A few appointments ago I had a different nurse doing my scan and she mentioned some shadowing on my scan with she said was typical of fibroids and also noted the size of a cyst on my right ovary (3cm). The usual nurse never mentions these things and although I've been told they are there in the past it makes me worry that she thought they needed pointing out. When I mentioned it to my usual nurse she said 'they' (I guess meaning the consultant) will probably just ignore it.

Today the scan showed that my right ovary (with the cyst) is the one that's not responding. So should this be something I should be worried about? And what about the fibroids, especially after reading your experience? I never see a consultant only nurses, who are very knowledgeable but is something being missed? Feeling confused and worried today. :-(


Firstly I'm sorry you have found your clinic to be less than understanding if you are at all unhappy then change clinics it is your right, you need to have confidence and trust in them,going through this is hard enough without fighting with medical experts don't get me started on that one! My gp told me my fibroid didn't affect my fertility (coz it was small) and I should just get on with ivf and I was wasting my time with an appointment with a gynae consultant guess what..? She was wrong my fibroid has been the reason for us not conceiving! The point is if you have a gut feeling then back it I backed mine and it was right we do know when something isn't right :)

Fibroids don't always affect fertilty it really does depend on size and location. My fibroid is in my lining of my uterus and is called a submucusoal fibroid. If you have a suspected fibroid there I would cancel your cycle now coz having a fibroid in that location can stop implanation,as there is something there (where embryo should be) body "thinks" you're preg and will therefore reject any healthy embryos that's wot my consultant told me. And fibroids also do not go away on their own accord,my consultant told me it's not going away And it will get bigger and continue to cause problems. Fibroids feed on estrogen. And tend to shrink after menopause. I would urge you to speak to your consultant about this suspected fibroid and see if he thinks it affects your chances.

You want to have the best chance of this working...

With me I have hideous painful big clotting heavy periods (sorry if too much info) and bleeding in between my periods and lastly no other explanation for our infertility other than this fibroid. But many women do not have any symptoms sometimes the clue is the woman having trouble conceiving...

I am horrified that your clinic has been so blasé with this. My clinic are far from perfect but once I informed them of my fibroid thought it best to put my ivf on hold till the fibroid had been dealt with and to come back once I felt ready after my surgery,And even then I will need to see a consultant and bring all my paperwork with me before I can start ivf.

I also have a cyst on my right ovary too. Discovered same time as fibroid! My consultant wasn't concerned over my cyst as most cysts over time will go away on their own. But I'm not surprised your right ovary isn't releasing any eggs I don't think it would be possible if there is a cyst there. Your clinic should keep an eye on it to make sure it goes away.

Usually clinics would cancel ivf/treatment if cysts or fibroids are found I am confused by what your clinic are doing to be honest.

As for stress worry and confusion I'm not surprised you are after what you've been through you poor thing. Sometimes the nhs is great sometimes it can be shocking . I reality hope I haven't added to your stress as that is the last thing I would want to do. I just wanted to give some insight of what I learnt from my consultant and hope it can help in some way.

Finally want to wish you all the best and if you have any further questions ask away. Take care Hun. Big hugs X


I responded very differently to the drugs in my 2 cycles of ICSI. The consultant said he didn't know why, our bodies respond differently to the same drugs at different times.

I would ask about the cyst as this could be effecting follicles growth - I'm not a medical professional but had cysts after the first round of ICSI that I needed medication for before starting round 2.

I've previously had small fibroids removed and the consultant spotted some small ones during one scan but said they wouldn't be a problem, it seems that fibroids are quite common but they aren't always removed as it depends on where they are and the size. If you are concerned or have queries you need to speak to your clinic again.

Good luck


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