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Really Want a baby

Hi girls I'm new :) lol. I'm 27 and had a mini hysterectomy in October, had both tubes and an ovarie removed. I'm still ovulating from my 1 ovarie and having normal periods, I'm currently waiting for my gp to refer me for ivf. Just want to know what the next stage is? I've heard some horror story's and I'm getting very worried it won't work :(. X

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You are only 27 so hopefully the ivf experience will be positive for you, good luck x

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Hiya huni everyone is so lovely and just there to help you on your journey and find out wot treatment is best for you and this site is so good as everyone is going through the same so will always get someone to speak to ☺xxxxxxx


Hey honey

IVF is like a lottery not everyone wins.... But when you do you are the lucky one. Not gonna mince words it's a emotional and hard journey and costly if not on the NHS.

When you get there be sure your body is strong as is your

Mind and relationship it will twist and test you but keep the faith.

I try to explain it as unbelievably unexplainable.

Good luck on your journey, this forum is great😘


Each county has different guidelines and how many ivf cycles they are willing to give you. You can Google this info as the waiting times can also differ.

If it's a long waiting list it may be worth paying for the initial consultation.

In the mean time start taking folic acid and perhaps royal jelly. Get yourself fit as the ivf can make you very bloated.

Then make sure you have a support network and remember hope is important but resilience will be required.

Good luck xxxx


Hi Lara-Lou.

The Nhs is quite slow as there is a waiting list but it is cost effective.

Once you get referred they'ld want to do bloods and scans then get you on a personal protocol.The Ivf experience is different for everyone and the probability of success is higher based on age.

Somedays would be horrid but that's what family and friends are here for so You will be okay.

Hang in there sweetie.x.


Waiting lists do depend on where you are in the country. For me there was no wait but I was extremely lucky!


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