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Feeling drained

Hi guys just had my 2nd transfer last Tuesday found out on Thursday there that it didn't work never been so heart broken in my life as this time i really thought it worked as my periods never came for the 1st time since 2010 when got told i couldn't have kids i had biggest smile on my face till went to the hospital and they told me you dont bleed on a thaw cycle just then i new it didnt work and yes i was so right i just dont how much more heart ache i can take n my family friends are lovely but dont understand at all saying u will be fine etc just need someone going through the same to talk to dont no if anything can help make it work and ino mite b sily but try not to run to tge toilet after transfer but so hard after drinking so much n they do say its fine xxxxx

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Hi Lynsey86, I'm so sorry to hear this - my first ICSI hasn't worked either, I'm gutted. I don't have any wise words for you except to say that I know how you feel, it's a horrible horrible thing, and just so incredibly unfair. I hope you have the chance to try again (if you want to). K xx


Sorry to hear that its such a hard time and u feel like giving up then blame yourself thinking was it something I done my family mean well but dont get it and friends some try to be there way they can and anothers say you will b fine in few days etc or say only if i could carry for u nice but again so hurtful thats why try speak to people going through the same as they definitely understand the heart ache 😟 when do you get another chance hun xxxxxx


Karen82 just wondering if you no why i need to keep taking climaval and cyclogest think ive to take it for weeks maybe even months xxxxxx


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