3 out of 5 fertilised

Hi Ladies

Just had the call from Leeds, of 5 eggs 3 have fertilised - I am so happy as I was just so worried about fertilisation :)

They will call me again in the morning but it will be a Saturday transfer or a Monday transfer

Still a bit uncomfortable in my lower stomach but other than that I am feeling fine, much better now I have had the callΒ 

Now all I have to do it try to concentrate on work, not that easy when I work from home!!!

Holly x

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  • Great news! Best of luck for transfer. x

  • Hi Tlove

    Thank you. How many did you have transferred and and how many collected?Β 

    I have seen your posts and congratulations on the twins, you must be so excited πŸ˜„

    Holly x

  • Thanks Holly! Excited and scared I think is how I feel. 😬 

    My numbers were similar to you. We had 4 collected, 3 were mature, all 3 fertilised and by day 3 looked the same so they took them to day 5 and by then it was clear that 2 looked good and the 3rd wasn't developing so well. So they transferred the 2 good ones. We had to sign a disclaimer because of the risk of twin pregnancy in that situation, you have 25% chance of twins and there is more risk with twin pregnancies. It kind of made sense to transfer 2 though to optimise chances and there would have been little point in freezing just one. They grew the 3rd one for an extra day but it didn't develop further and it was discarded.

    I'm also working from home, it's so easy to get distracted when you're going through all this but at least you can stay in the comfort of home.

    Hope you get good news on Saturday / Monday!

  • Hi Tlove

    Thank you yes she said this morning if by day 3 they cannot tell the difference then they will take them to day 5!Β 

    I am hoping we do get to day 5 but equally if it's day three then I'll be just as happy.

    I guess with 2 on the way you will be excited, scared and just ready to meet them both.. If they suggest 2 to be transferred we have both had long discussions about that and would be happy to do so πŸ˜„Β 

    Distracted is my middle name at the moment plus the sun out (a rarity in itself) so even more reason to not be in the office!!

    Thank you again for replyingΒ 

    Holly x

  • Awww great news holly, fingers crossed for transfer and a positive outcome x

  • Thanks hope faith

    Hope you are doing well x

  • That's great news, good luck for transfer!x

  • That's brilliant news :) you must be pleased :) xx

  • Thanks emjayne and Cinderella, we are both really happy and keeping everything crossed x πŸ˜„

  • I have everything crossed for you too 😘

  • Fantastic news so pleased. I can't wait for our next call tomorrow πŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌ

  • Good news!

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