Hi everyone. I posted a few weeks ago to tell you all my journey of ttc for 5 years x

We recently went to see the specialist again and its all systems go with the ivf treatment. I am due to start injecting next sunday but I just cant get my head around it at all.

I have got a big needle phobia and I keep getting abit panicky about the whole thing.

I have been advised to inject between 4pm-7pm so because of these hours Its looking like I will have to inject myself when really I wanted hubby to do it.

Do any of you have any hints or tips to make it any easier? I have heard you can use emla cream to numb the area but I think its just the whole needle thing not the pain I am dreading. I have never even held a needle in my life!!!!!

Help I'm petrified 😭 x

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  • You can do it! As weird as it is and scary, it rarely hurts. Occasionally a bit stingy, but that's it. Ask the clinic to help you with a practice run. Then close your eyes and just do it. We are all nervous at first. And most of us never held a needle either! You'll be a pro in no time.

  • Thankyou for the advise. I didnt even think to close my eyes but that I am going to do. Haha x

    I know i have to do this so I need to get over it but I think until I do the first one on sunday I will just be worrying x

    Fingers crossed I will be able to do it ok xx

  • Aw I was terrified too but I honestly never felt a thing when I was injecting. The needles are so fine and because you pinch the skin before you inject you'll feel more from the pinch than you will from the needle if that makes sense. Good luck 😊 x x

  • I'm terrified of needles and I got really worked up for my 1st needle but once that 1st needle was done I felt so much relief as it wasnt as bad as I expected and thinking of what you get out of the end gave me the courage to go on with them, take your time deep breaths and good luck xx

  • Agree with everyone above. I was really scared with my first one. Then it wasn't bad at all...! The worse part is pinch of the skin

  • I was petrified too but it was absolutely fine. Concentrate on your breathing and inject when you breathe out, that helped me. I wanted to use emla too but the hospital told me not too because it can affect treatment. That may just be my hospital so maybe check but I just wanted to let you know. Good luck x

  • Aww bless you xxx Agree with everyone above - it honestly does not hurt. breathing is a good idea and once you have the tip of the needle in the right place look at something else in the room as you breathe out and think of what an amazing and strong mummy you are going to be. you will be a pro after a few goes - stubbing your toe hurts more xxxxx

  • Hi everyone, I agree with all. And mine experience with needles was like I pinched then each time I said o my dear baby for you.....and then stabbed xxx I cried each time but what has to be done, has to be xx

    Good luck for your treatment xx

  • Thankyou for all your advice ladies x I am feeling abit better about it all now and today is 1st injection day xx

  • Not sure how old you r, or what your history is. I have carpel tunnel in my wrists. My small finger on my right hand gets stiff and painful for awhile then goes away. It sounds like a Neurological problem for sure. Try to see a Neurologist when u can. Good Luck and God Bless!

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