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Cramping during IVF

Hi all, we are currently 50 hours (yes I'm counting) since our single hatching blastocyst was transferred, this is our first round of IVF and although our clinic has been amazing on every level understandably we are nervous!

Since before transfer I have had cramping, pretty much the same as when you are due your period, saying that my period would normally be due tomorrow! it comes and goes but it's there, not so bad that I need to take paracetamol (I try not to take any drugs apart from the IVF ones, at the moment only on progesterone gel) and I just wanted to check if this is normal?!?

I'm being very good and know not to test for two weeks (think I'll make it a week before I head to the chemist!) I'm looking after myself, trying not to stress etc

I'm 36, husband 37 and its our own eggs/sperm and the blastocyst was IVF not ICSI, we just suffer from unexplained infertility!

Thanks all for any help you can offer and anything else I need to look out for apart from the cramping!


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Hey Hun you sound so much like me in many ways lol. I'm 36 and my hubbies 37 too. We had 2 embies transferred after going to blastocyst. I had the cramping and period like pains also, more so after transfer. I'd wake up some evenings with cramping and get so paranoid about my monthly cycle coming!

We managed to resist testing before the 2 weeks and left it to the clinic. I also sufferered headaches (and still do) but try not to take anything.

Anyway we are IVF too etc and had our BFP a few weeks ago. Still taking things week by week though as unfortunately I had a miscarriage last year. Staying positive though :-)

Are you drinking lots of water and trying to keep yourself busy? Walks, spas, reading, socialising etc. I think just trying to maintain a healthy mind is the key.

Wishing you lots of luck hun. Keep in touch. Xx


Congratulations on your BFP, such lovely news and gives me hope! I completely understand about taking it a day at a time, these two weeks will be hard but then if you are one of the lucky ones there is a whole new world of worry isn't there?! Today feels a little easier I went to bed ridiculously early last night and feel like I have more energy today, plus the cramping has eased a little so hopefully it was just twinges due to being poked and prodded last week. Will take what you've said to heart and make a list of things to keep me busy and hopefully distracted! Thank you for your response and lots of positive vibes coming your way for a happy, healthy and successful pregnancy x x

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Hi MrsHT0706. Sorry to hear that you have been experiencing nasty cramping pains. I think you will find that the pains you are having are just down to all the procedures you have been through. A lot of poking, pressing and clamping go on during the different stages of egg collection and embryo transfer. Also, ovaries can remain a little active after egg collection, and can take a few days to settle back down again. Make sure you drink plenty of water, and no problem taking paracetamol if you need to. Rest when you can for a few days, and let’s hope all soon settles down again. Sometimes you can have a little spotting too or a little brown blood passed, but this too is usually from procedures. Hope all ends well for you. Diane



Thank you so much for your response, I had a very early night last night and feel like I have more energy and the cramping has eased somewhat so I am pretty confident that your theory is correct! IVF definitely turns you neurotic to say the least! x


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