2WW finally over!

Test day has arrived and I'm pregnant! I cried my eyes out!

My journey has been challenging - trying naturally for years, two failed Ivf attempts, an operation which found 25 fibroids inside me (painfully removed last year) and plenty of life's ups and downs. What's helped me is friends support, staying positive, acupuncture, praying and these forums - which are crucial for women like us. Good luck everyone x

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  • Huge Congratulations xxx

  • Great news! So the luminous wee was nothing to worry about πŸ˜‰ Congratulations, hope the rest of your pregnancy runs smoothly. BTW, I got my bfp yesterday too! Got worried with subsequent bleeding but it has calmed down again.

  • Wow - congratulations. So pleased x apparently luminous wee can be a positive sign! X

  • Congrats xx

  • Congratulations!

  • Congrats! X

  • Congratulations! X

  • Hi JB75. Just wanted to add my good wishes for a safe ongoing pregnancy - well done! Diane

  • Wonderful news congratulations xxxx

  • Hey Hun congratulations xxx

  • Nice to hear some good news. All the best for the next stage of the journey.

  • Did you know about the fibroids on the previous attempts? And do you know if they affected your previous attempts?

  • On my first attempt, I was told I had fibroids but they weren't in the way for the IVF. However, as it failed, I went for a second opinion - and after I went for an MRI, it was revealed that I shouldn't have even tried the IVF without treating/removing them. I was very angry with my IVF team! Anyway, I ended up having a Myomectomy - and they removed 25 fibroids. Painful!

    If you have any concerns about your treatment plan, I would advise to INSIST on waiting to be full investigated before going ahead x

  • Thank. I'm aware I had fibroids, have previously removed them so didn't want to again unless absolutely necessary. I had various scan both private and bus who said they weren't a bother. But there's 1consultant who strongly believe I should get them out first this time.

  • Of course, it also depends on where they are and what type. I think the number you have is also important. What's your gut feeling? Do you get physical pain from them? I used to get terrible pains. Feel so much better from having them removed x

  • Only heavier periods, constant need to urinate. Pressing against my bladder. There's a few but 1 big main one. Going to speak to my gp again Sat. Didn't want to go through that op again but if I ever try again I guess it makes sense to give myself the best chance of success.

  • Thanks and the best wishes again xx

  • I think so, but yes certainly talk to your GP x hope it all goes well whatever you decide. Feel free to ask more questions. I feel like a fibroid expert after what i went through!

  • Yay brilliant news

  • Brilliant news :)

  • Congratulations, fantastic news.

  • Congratulations! That's lovely news!

  • Fab news! Congrats!

  • Congratulations its fab news. Hope you are feeling ok and everything goes well for you. I hope you dont mind me asking but did they use the glue on your embryo before implanting? Just heard its recently being used and wondred how many more people were getting pregnant after having it. Take care xx

  • Hiya and thank you :) I had an Endometrial Stimulation - its a short procedure that 'disturbs' the lining of the womb, to help implantation. There are differing opinions about it, but I hadn't had it before this round.

    Are you considering it? Take care x

  • What did they have to do for that? Is that what they call "scratching"? Im having my treatment through the nhs so nit sure its an option to be honest. I heard about the glue,or enzyme and just wondered how many people had tried it. Are you having your treatment privately? Thank you for replying xx

  • Yes also referred to as scratching. It's like having a smear test in terms of the process. Very straightforward. I'm sure your clinic would offer it - normally after two failed attempts, so hopefully you won't need it xx

  • I will have to ask in the clinic. Did you have it done before your egg collection or before implantation? I have had 1 fresh and 1 frozen cycle that hasnt worked so i wonder if i still qualify for it?? Thanks for letting me know xx

  • Hiya, I haven't done it before this round. I had two fresh cycles previously. So it sounds like you would qualify. Let me know what they say xx

  • Ok thanks. I asked today but they are checking and im going to ring them tomorrow to find out xx

  • That's amazing news JB75. I'm so happy for you. Wishing you a happy and healthy BFP. Xxxx

  • Congratulations, that's amazing news 😘 xx

  • Congratulations😊😊😊😊

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