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Hi all! I've been on Buserilin now for 4 weeks and have my baseline on Monday! I'm so so nervous that they won't get any eggs :( we've been TTC for 8yrs, and I've lost 3 stone to get to the point where we can try ivf and ICSI privately, and now it's all so real. It feels weird going through normal life with this hanging over me. Hope things are going well for you all - this is quite a scary journey to be on. K xx

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It's normal to feel worried at every stage hun, unfortunately that's the tough side to IVF, that & waiting. I'm currently 9 weeks pregnant from 1st cycle but it's no easier on this side, I'm constantly worrying all is well with embie. Try keep positive I'm sure you will have responded, if not the fertility unit will help - so much they can do these days. Good luck! X


Oh wow! Congratulations - it's so lovely to hear that you got pregnant on the first attempt! That makes me feel more hopeful :) Good luck with it all! Kx


I had exactly the Sam worries Hun as I was already aware I would struggle to respond because of my low AMH. However, I did respond eventually and was on stims for 2 weeks in the end. Such a Rollercoster of emotions but have faith in your body and you might be pleasantly surprised. I had egg collection on Friday with only 8 visible follicles and 3 were so tiny. I ended up with 7 eggs and found out today that 4 have fertilised and doing well. Keep going, you are nearly there xx


Oh congratulations MrsDx! That makes me feel better as I've got low AMH too so really really worried that there won't be any eggs! I'll be keeping everything crossed that your 4 continue to do well :) K x

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