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Waiting list for donor egg IVF on NHS Glasgow

Hi everyone,

I haven't been on here for a while.

Have my review appointment next Tuesday to talk about our last IVF attempt and when to possibly go for the next one.

Last time they told us to consider donor eggs as I hardly produce any eggs even on the strongest protocol.

Does anyone know how long the wait is for donor eggs on the NHS in Glasgow?

We are with the GRI and all they said last time is that we really would need a friend or family member to donate their eggs to us. Or that we should consider going abroad to Spain for treatment.

We don't have anyone that could donate eggs to us and we also can not afford to go private or abroad for donor egg IVF :-(

So if we want to wait to be matched eith an egg donor by the GRI then how long is that wait likely to be?

Thanks :-)

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Hi Ines,

Sorry to hear your treatment was successful.

I am in a similar situation to yourself. My husband and i went through IVF treatment at Glasgow Royal Infirmary last September after 6 years trying to conceive and like yourself i was receiving the strongest protocol. Unfortunately our IVF failed first time around and we have been advised that we will not receive any further IVF treatment as it would be more than likely to fail again as i produced no eggs at all first time around so egg donation would be the best option for us. The consultant advised that there is no egg donor list for egg donors? , we would also have to find our own donor so i would ask them to confirm that them matching you with a donor is an option. At our review meeting back in October, we informed the consultant that we have a donor which she was delighted about so we gave her my sisters details and were informed we would be contacted in around 6 months time for myself, my husband and my sister to go to a meeting to explain the treatment to my sister and take things from there. I called last week to see how far up the list we were as we hadn't heard from GRI since October only to be told we are not on the list at all as the correct procedure is for my sister to go to her own GP and ask for to be referred to assisted conception at GRI as an egg donor for myself and my husband which is not what we were told by Dr Lyall so my point being, make sure you get the correct information and ask loads of questions as i found communication from GRI with myself and my husband on this issue has been awful and i am gutted to have wasted 6 months sitting thinking we were near to the top of the list. I've asked for a meeting with the consultant who gave us the incorrect information as i'm not very happy that the professionals cant give out the correct information on something as important as this. I hope your meeting goes well and you get the news you are hoping for. Good Luck. XX

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Hi NatTor

Thank you for your reply. That is shocking that the GRI has no egg donors at all :-(

The thing is I did produce eggs.

I had 3 follicles and with them we get 5 eggs which was great but the quality wasn't very good.

We had to use ICSI as well and had two embryos in the end.

One was a 7/8 and the other a 5/8 so one was good and the other was okayish quality.

I got pregnant but miscarried at week 5 :-(

The Drs especially my GP blamed my eggs and told me to go to Spain :-(

I was so sad I considered to not go through this again.

But we get one more attempt. So we would like to try it one last time.

I also have several autoimmune diseases such as Asthma and a allergies. My egg quality isn't great due to my Endometriosis.

So we will go to a clinic in Coventry to check me for High Natural Killer Cells. Costs £400.

I wish you lots of good luck on your journey! Xx


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