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I don't have the energy to write up the latest on our saga of bad NHS management but one of the upshots was that we have been seen by consultant who answered many of our questions on the ICSI process we will be starting at some point soon. This was the first time we felt heard and had someone explaining things fully (in over 2 years). Anyway, my h is going for his first sperm retrieval in two weeks time. That same day we should be told if his sperm is active, or even if there is any sperm at all. It's a very unusual condition that he has so we don't know for sure either way.

If they manage to retrieve some then it will be frozen and used in the ICSI later this year. So I asked about the procedure if there is a problem with the sperm, ie the sperm donor procedure. The consultant said that through the NHS in Glasgow " there is only one donor" , for the whole of Glasgow NHS, I kid you not. We nearly fell off our chairs in shock. Then she explained there are private European Sperm banks, which you can pay for. Well thank God for that, I don't fancy using sperm from that one guy, father of hundreds. When we left I started looking at every jakey on the High street and wondering....

I suppose you've got to see the funny side sometimes.

Best wishes to everyone on here, summer is on it's way.


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hi good luck - my partner was the same with the same with a zero sperm count. We got enough for 7 cycles so hopefully you will be the same


I can't believe there is only one donor, we had to use a donor and were told that each donor is only allowed to help 10 families which I think it's like a legal thing not my clinic thing. There wasn't loads of choice as I was negative to something so I could only use donors that were negative too and that was about 5. Hope it doesn't come to this for you but I can't believe what they are saying is true x


Cryos international is a major sperm bank. We had them as a back up plan for my husband. They are very kind and nice to deal with.


And the same price as the English donors... You get to make a designer baby! (My hubby pointed out, that it's not designer unless i used a donor egg as well). And he picked his back up donor, not me. As it was 'his' input to our baby making!


Thanks for the advice Filmgirl101, will have a quick look at their info. I know PY987, we still can't believe what she said either but I swear we didn't dream it. I'm going to ask another doctor next time and see if they confirm what she said. The reason she gave was that men are put off donating due the law now changing to mean that the child can access their identity and may contact them later in life. But still, Glasgow is a big area, would have thought some sort of incentive could have been put into the system. I guess we are still hoping it won't be necessary, scary to know soon, but glad we'll know our options.


Are you going to have your treatment at Glasgow smallcat or are you going to travel to one of the other hospitals? Personally I didn't find Glasgow to be very helpful and I'm now having my treatment at Edinburgh. I can't recommend them highly enough. One sperm donor for the whole of Glasgow... I'm sorry but this just sounds absolutely ridiculous! x x


Hi noodles_, Yes we are going ahead with Glasgow at least for the NHS cycle. I enquired a while back about being happy to travel to Edinburgh etc, but the consultant said it would be faster to be treated in Glasgow at this point, rather than transfer now. We were never informed of the Edinburgh option at any point, I only enquired after I read what many people on this forum were saying. So upset with the lack of communication from the Glasgow Royal team, I've been told by a good friend in politics to write to our MSP about it all.

Glad to hear Edinburgh has a better rep at least.

Best wishes, xx


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