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Update :(

After a lengthy scan and further sperm analysis hubby and I have gone from Unexplained Infertility to PCOS and low motility. We're now waiting on insulin level tests and a final sperm sample to determine if IUI is worth a shot or whether to move straight to ICSI. I'm not overweight, I ovulate every month and don't have diabetes (I do have a family history of it though) but they saw 15+ cysts on one ovary during the scan and I suffer from acne. What advice can you PCOS ladies give me regarding diet/lifestyle etc? I use the Dermalogica range on my skin to help breakouts, diet wise I am already gluten free, and was alcohol free until after yesterday's diagnosis when hubby and I sank a bottle of wine in under 30 minutes, totally helped though! All advice and tips are appreciated. Thanks.

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Hi kernishp. I feel that having a sperm problem too, it would probably be best to go for ICSI, as with low motility, his sperm are already probably struggling to reach your egg and “irritate” it to be “let in”! However, your specialist will advise you. Obviously, it is important to keep as fit as possible during this time and try and keep within a normal BMI range – which you don’t have a problem with. A good pre-treatment diet consists of a varied diet of course, but just to help, I have listed some of the “good” things to have. As you are sticking to a gluten free diet, you would need to go for the “gluten free” options where necessary. - Wholegrain bread and wholemeal pasta, oatmeal, brown rice. All fresh vegetables especially raw or steamed. Over boiling rids them of vitamins and minerals, pineapple juice, apricots, potatoes, all fruit and honey, beans, chickpeas and lentils. Organic meat if possible, poultry, fish, Milk and hard cheese, nuts and seeds. Extra virgin olive oil and sunflower oil, avocado and peanut butter. Mackerel, sardines, nuts (especially Brazil and walnuts), seeds, sweet corn and sweet potatoes. The things to avoid are too much sugar, processed foods, ready meals, butter, ice cream etc. A little is OK, but not all the time. Drink plenty of water and only a little tea and coffee if feeling deprived. Cut right down or right out – alcohol and smoking. Oh and don’t forget the Folic Acid! Hope this helps and all the best with the treatment cycle, when it comes. Diane


Thanks Diane- great information! We have an appointment on Sunday with the clinic we've decided to go with. I've seen elsewhere that you have a list of questions to ask, would it be possible to get a copy of that emailed to me?


Hi. Pleasure! Would you be able to email me (in confidence) for the questions and i will send them to you. I can't attach them here. My email address is dianearnold@infertilitynetworkuk.com Diane


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