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Did I ovulate during my IVF cycle?

I have just got my period which is 8days past my 3 day transfer . I had 3 embryos Transferred. I have got my periods exactly 28 days since my last one and I am like clock work every month . Besides being devastated my cycle has failed , I am finding it hard to believe the period came so fast and at its normal due date. Is there a chance I ovulated myself? I was only ever scanned , at no stage was bloods taken to check this . I was on a short protocol so not down regulated if that makes a difference , I don't know. Looking over different sites I don't see many women getting a period 8 days after transfer . Any advice would be so grateful ? X

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Hi fitzmsa, I'm so sorry to hear your cycle failed. It's a massive loss, and I think it's probably quite natural that you are asking yourself all kinds of questions. Like you, I also got my period well before my blood test date, after short protocol IVF. But my understanding is that the egg collection happens after a trigger injection, not after ovulation, so that ovulation does not take place. Hopefully someone with better medical knowledge than me can confirm this. I just wanted to reply and say I know too well how awful it is when that period arrives. I was devastated. Please take good care of yourself and share as much as you need to.


Hi, I don't know the answer to your question I'm afraid but just wanted to say how sorry I a,. I have just gone through a failed cycle too which has left me feeling pretty deflated.

I don't know how it all works but I was on the long protocol and got my period 10 days after embryo transfer so I don't think it's uncommon.

Hope you're ok x

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Thanks so much girls for your comments , I was over analysing today . The shock is out of my system now just sadness and emptiness left. I know You both are probably feeling the same . X


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