Got the call I've been waiting for today ....

I should start treatment end of April all going to plan.

Mixed emotions.

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  • Hi Jupiter1234 I just want to wish you the very best with your ivf cycle hope you get a BFP :) X

  • Thanks.. Some days I'm okay and feel fine but others I'm scared and feel a bit down I hope this is normal xx

  • Yes I think it's normal for anyone in this situation. Good days and bad days. All anyone of us can do us hope we get our long awaited baby and it's all been worth it. Great site to get your feelings out and get support from others who understand wot this Is really like X

  • I love this site definetly helps as no one really understand what to do or say when I tell them x

  • Hello jupiter1234, just want to wish you luck. I think having mixed emotions is normal. I have done quite a lot of counselling the last few months and really think this has helped me to prepare me for our first cycle (just need a date now!). Take time to relax and do things you enjoy before you get started! x

  • I hope all goes well for you too.

    I've not had any counselling as of yet.

  • Thanks jupiter1234. I think whether you choose to go for counselling is entirely up to you. I felt awful and was incredibly stressed so it's been really beneficial for me. But we all find different ways of coping and getting through this. Take care x

  • We are starting the 10th of April and I feel exactly the same nervous excited down all at once xx good luck x

  • My start date is 17th April..

    Good luck with everything :)

  • Wish you the best luck with your IVF cycle :)

  • Thanks

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