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End of 2ww thurs morning

Hiya, I havnt written a post for a while. I'm on day 7 of 2 ww. Only 4 more days to get through then I can wake up and do the test.

I have had cramps since et , first few days the strongest, then mild but constant ever since.

My tummy is very bloated and heavy felling and iv also had lots of funny twinges which aren't painful but can't explain exactly how they feel. I'm very tired and had a weepy couple of days yesterday and the day before. Saw boobs but mainly at the sides.Iv had no spotting . Im feeling confident so far but we shall have to see Thursday, as we all no anything can happen in this process.

I have had 2, 2 day embryos put in which were of very good quality so if this works twins here we come !! Scary but will be very happy and most of all relieved!

Hugs to everyone in the 2ww and lets just hope it can go quickly for us all, with happy results!😄😄

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Hi my test day is Thursday aswel and I've had alot of the things you've stated , such a long hard process just hope its all worth while on test day ! Im thinking of doing a test tomorrow morning but i know i shouldn't ... xx


All the best for Thursday.

I know it is so tempting to test earlly... We just want to be put out of our misery.

But I'm going to resist as if negative I will be really upset and hormones might just be to weak to detect. Think it would mess me up more.

Hope all goes well for you what ever you decide

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I had a 5 day blastocyst transfer and will be 10 days past transfer tomorrow so just really undecided ! I know its best not to more than likely i wont though as to scared ! Lol wishing us both lots of Baby dust xx


Good luck!! I am testing Friday so just behind you! I have a bit of cramping but not a lot but I am extremely tired feeling I need a nap most days! My boobs are killing me and huge but I know that can be the progesterone. Trying to be positive but not too excited at the moment. I had 2 x day 3 embryos transferred and would be over the moon if the both took! Keeping my fingers crossed for all of us!! :-) xxx


It was the end of my 2ww yesterday ... During the wait I was bloated had cramps really bad sore boobs I was positive it wasn't gonna be a good result as I just felt like my period was going to come and then yesterday I tested positive :) . Good luck to all of you on your 2ww I wish you all the very best xx




Congratulations xx


My test day is Wednesday.

I'm really tired but managed 11 hours, only getting up twice to go to the loo last night so feel much better today. A few twinges and achiness, different to my first 2ww as I felt really unwell for a couple of days.

Fingers crossed for everyone testing next week!

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