Positive test

Hey everyone just an update . My 2ww was eventually over today however I had my theory test this morning so I peed in a container and went and done that first and I passed my theory so that was good. Came home peed in a second container and tested on both just to make double sure ..... My partner did it for me as I was far to scared .... Both tests came up positive straight away :) over the moon :) good luck to everyone else on there journeys and thank you for all the information and support yours posts have given me so far xxx

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  • Congratulations on your therory test and positive pregnancy test :) Wishing you a healthy and happy pregnancy enjoy :) X

  • Thank you very much Jess :) xx

  • Congratulations that's amazing news. Wishing you all the best. I bet you can't stop smiling xx

  • Congratulations xx

  • Ah great news. Well done on both counts! You must be a very focused lady doing a theory test knowing your pee was at home waiting to be tested!!

    Congrats to you both xx

  • Well done! That's great news. Take care of yourself x

  • Great news...congrats x

  • Congrats Hun xxxx

  • Congratulations :-) xxx

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