Excessive bowel movements after ET

Has anyone experienced this?? Since my ET yesterday I've been a lot more than usual and im worried it's my body trying to flush out the embryo..even though I know bowel movements aren't connected.

I'm drinking plenty of water so as not to get dehydrated, it's just that everything I read seems to be about constipation not the other way..

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  • Water flushes alot out of your body hun and after all the drugs in your system id except movements i had mine thursday and ive been going quite regularly really but i haven't even thought that it would be that as im quite regular anyway sorry not much help there lol xx

  • I'll keep drinking lots of water and hope it settles down, I've got ibs so wonder whether it's nerves from the hospital yday!

    Thanks x

  • I don't think it cam happen anyway as they like you to get back to normal walking round ect keep positive xx

  • Hello there.. I had this, very very loose bowels and I was worried about the same issues as you - but I got a positive result and am 19 weeks pregnant.

    I have had loose bowels throughout, no constipation at all. In fact I was going 5 times a day for a good month or so and i was exhausted.

    It won't flush out the embryo at all.

    All the best to you for a positive result. xx

  • Thanks for ur positive story, makes me feel more reassured. Good luck wiv the rest of ur pregnancy xx

  • Thanks. I forgot to mention that my bowels were loose before the 2ww, during the ENTIRE 2WW and after it too.

    So seriously try not to worry, but I was utterly paranoid about it - so understand your concern.

    Its so stressful isn't it! Thanks of the good wishes, same to you xx

  • keep us updated xx

  • It is! Just got over the joy of having a blastocyst implanted and then there's all these other worries!

    Will do xx

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