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Waiting periods

Hi everybody .. How are you all getting on seen some positive stories but also sad ones thoughts are with u all .. Its amazing how many ppl go thru this every single day its unreal x I started merformin and norethysterone on 11 the x and stopped norethysterone last night so my period should come today and on Wednesday I am starting injecting menopur and my 1 scan is booked for 1 April x I was feeling no different just bit tired and had diarrhoea once no idea if from tablets or just food didn't sit good x quite excited about injections ( as I used to do nursing school and loved all this things ) hope my bod will be behaving x lots of love to u all and enjoy lovely weather that we getting at the moment x

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Hi Miroslava, your post made me chuckle never heard of anyone looking forward to injections before!

Good luck on your journey xx


Thank you whats worrying me more now is day 3 after last tablet and periods no here yet :(


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