Baseline Scan but still bleeding?

I have been taking Synarel for 23 days now and I started bleeding 11 days ago, I am still bleeding now and I have my first scan to check if I am baselines on Wednesday - is it ok that I am still bleeding? I don't usually bleed this long so I am guessing it might be a good sign but I don't know? Was anyone else still bleeding when they went for their scan and was it all ok?

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  • Hi.

    My period kicked it later than expected when I was down regging and I was day 4 when I had my baseline scan. My body/lining was down regged enough.

    Fingers crossed for you x

  • Thank you! that puts my mind at ease! I was getting worried then, well that gives me a little more positivity! Thanks Hollibob! :-) x

  • Hi Emma, I also was later than usual so was still bleeding when I went for my baseline scan. Due to this I had to carry on my nasal spray for another week but alls well since then. So don't be disheartened if this happens to you. Good luck xx

  • My period hangs around longer than normal. Not heavy, just enough to annoy me! About 10 days.

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