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5 follicles on Clomid- BFN. Why???? :( :( :(

The title says it all really, I had 5 follicles from 50mg Clomid CD 2-7, an HCG trigger shot on CD 11, BD'd for the next 5 days, took progesterone 10mg CD 15-25 and the result was a BFN. Has anyone else had a similar experience? This was our first round of Clomid. I don't know if I should ask my doctor if they can start investigating if there are implantation issues?

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I haven't been on clomid so I couldn't answer that query. But I do know how much it hurts when you get a bfn it's a real kick in the face when you're doing everything you can to get pregnant. It does not matter how long you've been ttc that never gets easier to handle it. Big hugs Hun I hope you feel ok soon x

On the medical front have you had any tubal assessment done like an hsg? I expect you prob have as it's a standard investigation test. If you haven't that needs to be looked at in case one or both tubes are blocked up. A friend of my mums were ttc and all the tests came back normal and it turned out her body attacked her hubby's sperm and that's why she couldn't conceive so I think the dr prescribed a steroid or something like that and voila she conceived :) I think it's called the post coital test ( in nut shell the dr examines your cervical mucus the morning after you and hubby baby dance :) to see how the sperm are doing in mucus with my mums friend the sperm were found to have died ) I don't think it's a test they ofter so much if at all these days. Which I think is a great shame. The other thing is has the clinic looked at your hubby's sperm? A third of infertility can be the male factor. Again I'm sure your clinic have done.

I just wanna finish by saying for some people getting pregnant is just not that easy and please don't feel alone on that front. I've been ttc 3 and a half years now and I been using ovulation kits and guess wot I'm still not pregnant. Looking forward to start my ivf next cycle as trying just gets me down. Xxxx


In total I had 10 rounds of clomid. I responded well on them in terms of follicles but that didn't necessarily mean there were eggs in them. Clomid made me bloated and unhappy and emotional. Me and my husband ended up in a really bad patch because of this and it took a lot of strength to stop taking them and just be a couple as we realised it was having a detrimental effect.

I would not recommend clomid for this reason as you go through so much and from all I've read it's really not very successful.

We ended up being referred to fertility clinic and they found NOTHING wrong... Ivf first cycle and it was a success... I'm 39 weeks pregnant now and can only say to you if you're note apply in clomid say something to the clinic or doctors.

know your body and know your options and stay healthy and happy.... X


I had no luck with Clomid. They made me really sick and grumpy. It took 6 months for my vision to go back to almost normal. Did they do a blood test to make sure there were actual eggs in the follicles. Ask your clinic what they recommend next. It's always devastating when it doesn't work. Be kind to yourself. It's unfortunately how it goes...ALOT OF THE TIME!


Thanks for the replies ladies- glad to know I'm not alone! HSG and DH's sperm sample were all normal. We're going to a new clinic on Sunday as our health insurance no longer covers our old one (we're in Dubai so only private healthcare here) - hopefully our new doctor can point us in the right direction. I'll definitely ask her about blood tests to check there are eggs in the follicles and also if I could have toxic CM (sounds like an STD!) that could be killing DH's swimmers before they can do their thing; I didn't know about these possible issues before so thank you for sharing your wisdom. Very little of our fertility treatment is covered by our new insurance (£320 per person is covered!!!!!! It's a joke) so anything more than Clomid is going to require working some extra shifts :(.

So happy your IVF worked jsth1979- I bet you can't wait to meet your little one :)

Thank you for all the kind words and sympathy- it means a lot.


I had a total of 9 cycles of clomid too and it was successful in that it did its job and made me ovulate- but no pregnancy! Can't really add much more to what the other ladies have said here, other than can vouch for what jsth1979 said in that it made me miserable, constant blood tests and opk's and obsessed with sex, that me and my husband also encountered difficulties in our relationship. We are now in our 1st cycle of IVF but at our first consultation they tried to 'fob' us off saying they like you to use clomid for one year before doing anything else- we'd had 9 cycles but this was across 15 months or so, so I refused to have any more.

Good luck with it all Kernishp!! xx


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