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Is a pregnancy fitness DVD a good idea?

Hi, I'm hopefully having my EC at the end of March so I'm thinking of getting 'Pregnancy/Prena​tal Pilates (Strengthen & ​Sculpt) with Caroline Sandry 2013'. I'm hoping that if I start doing the DVD now my body will be used too it, so it will then be ok to continue throughout the pregnancy (& hopefully keep me calm during the 2ww)

Do you have any DVDs that you would or would not recommend?

I want to do what's best for (hopefully) a pregnancy and I know fitness can play a major part in a healthy pregnancy. Good luck to everyone :) Andrea xx

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Hi poochi. I do agree that mild exercise can be of benefit during fertility treatment and can help with blood flow to the reproductive system. I cannot comment on the DVD in question, but perhaps your clinic might “know it” or can recommend others?? Just make sure that you can rest for a few days during egg retrieval and after embryo transfer to give your body time to recover from all the procedures and while implantation is taking place. Good luck with your cycle. Diane

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