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Inaccessible eggs?!

Hello just looking for some advice/support.

I have stage 4 endo and on Clomid. Visited new consultant last week who advised I needed an Mri again to check position and extent of endo as apparently my ovaries are stuck together behind my womb.

This is the first I've ever been told of this including after lap so bit shocked as they then said eggs may not be accessible for collection for ivf which completely threw me.

Am struggling a lot psychologically at the moment with all this and just in need of a bit of support or shared experiences? Thanks

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I have kissing ovaries, which have been pulled together by stage 4 endo. My right ovary is also behind my womb.

My IVF consultant has said although they will be more difficult to access, he said that it's their job to get them out and also not to worry. They can do extraction via a small operation if necessary. They also expect my ovaries to move as they become more swollen with eggs and they will monitor this as part of the usual scanning process. I'll let you know how I get on.


Thanks for your reply. The consultant I'm seeing is the general gyne one and was a bit vague. The kissing ovaries were a new thing to me as I hadn't been told this before!

He won't refer me for ivf until they have checked the eggs are accessible and the extent of the endo on the MRI only.

Thanks for your reply. X


Hi Cornburygirl. I would definitely be reassured by what “SparklyT” says. Although a nuisance, it is a condition that can be managed. It’s good that you are having an MRI scan, so that a correct view of everything will be available. Once this is done, you will be referred to an infertility specialist who will be able to best advise you as to a way forward. Although upsetting to hear, all is not lost and I hope that a positive way forward is soon found for you. Diane

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I had 2 egg collection that was done via the abdomen as due to my fibroids distorting view and access. Almost all scans I did when done abdominally was better than trans vaginal. There's always hope, but don't know if it depends on your clinic. Good luck

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