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Just had Laporoscopy for endometriosis 2 weeks ago... How long do I have to wait for IVF?

Just had a lap for endometreiosis lasering and choc cyst removal. I seem to be healing well with no complications as yet.

Im at the top of the list for IVF so I'm just waiting to heal before it can start. Has anyone been in the same situation and if so what is the time period between Endo treatment and IVF.

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I’m not sure if my situation is quite the same as yours. I had my lap in December 2013 to diagnose endo but was told it couldn’t be removed as this could damage my bladder and uterus. We were told to try naturally for another six months and for my hubby to do two sperm tests in the meantime. His tests came back showing a male factor problem so that got us referred to the clinic a bit quicker. We both then went through various tests, another sperm sample, blood tests and various scans to check if I was ovulating. All in all it’s taken us until now (day two of injections) to actually start treatment. Mainly due to wait times for appointments, test results etc. So from lap to starting it’s been one year for us. However it does depend on your situation and the trust you are with.

Good luck xx


Hi. Just to wish you well with your continued recovery. I would have thought that you wouldn’t start treatment before your 2nd menstrual cycle, but your clinic will soon keep you informed. Good luck with the IVF. Diane


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