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Low Estrogen, irregular period and stomach disorders

Hi, I am 28 year female, I am going to marriage after 1 month. I have higher symptoms of low estrogen and I am facing lower stomach problems from long time. I feels heaviness and discomfort, yes I am overweight but still I have doubt that I have some serious physical problem . my periods also irregular. My Basophil=00, P.C.V./Hematocrit = 38.25%, M.C.H.( Mean Corpuscular Hb = 24.80, M.C.H. (Mean Corpuscular Hb C) = 30.90, ESR = 30 .

Is these facts could be cause of infertility ? Please advice.

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Hi there. Have you had any physical investigations, such as an HSG or diagnosic laparaoscopy?

How often to you have stomach pain?

Sorry I don't really know those tests that you had. Are u in the UK?


Hi Harprit. All the blood tests you have had done are all for blood related problems and not infertility. Obviously, I can’t say if you have any fertility problems at this stage, but if you find you are not getting pregnant, then your GP will be able to do some appropriate bloods tests and investigations. You will find some benefit to your discomfort by trying hard to lose some weight, I’m sure. If your symptoms continue, your GP will treat you accordingly, or refer you to the correct specialist for further investigations and appropriate treatment. I hope you soon feel better. Diane


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