Friday IVF EC :-)


From being told at my first scan that my EC might be brought forward by 2 days and then my second scan being told I'm not quite ready, I am finally back on the original track!!

Last down reg injection yesterday + trigger shot and the collection is planned for Friday!!

It's exciting to be at this next stage...any handy hints for post collection etc?


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  • Wow, exciting!! Very best of luck for tomorrow :-) let us know how you get on xx

  • Thank you x

  • Take the rest of the afternoon to doze, have some good snacks on hand and a movie and you will be fine. Good luck!mx

  • Thank you x

  • Good luck. !

  • Thank you x

  • Exciting!! Good luck! :-) x

  • Thank you x

  • hey babes!

    yupeee! try and get acupunture done pre ec it will relax you also xx

    good luck for tommorrow - keep us all posted x

  • Thanks.

    Acupuncture at 1300 today so that I have time to chill with hubby and prepare at home tonight.

    Sorry you had to freeze yours on collection, but good they are thinking about what is best for you to be successful x

  • cool! yup have a chilled evening!

    aw thanks - yea everything happens for a reason hey - i'm just thankful i've got two good quality ones safe and sound xxx

  • My clinic said to rest, no hoovering or any heavy lifting. They said if there was any doubt in my mind as to whether I should do something don't do it. They also said day 3 and 4 (ET being day 1) were the most important so I took it a bit easier than usual. I felt very tired after EC & ET.

    I hope you get lots of quality eggs.

  • Thanks for the advice x

  • How exciting, good luck for it. I agree with all the others and PM27, to take it easy after ET. I was also really tired and got alot of pain from early on, which must have been implantation pain. So don't panic if you have twinges etc, its totally normal. Oh and try to laugh and watch some funny things. My friend was sending me hilarious emails that day and one was so funny, i literally shook with laughter which hurt my tummy. So watch a funny film. It worked for me :-)

    Passing on positive vibes over the www :-) xxx

  • Fab-I'm sure I've heard that before about laughing x

  • Hi, I had EC on Wednesday- all went well just very lethargic for the rest of the day and felt quite bloated but think a lot of that was the pessarie. They sent me home with paracetamol but didn't need any. Just chilled out watching TV. I would suggest, just go with the flow, don't make any plans and get comfy on the sofa!

    We got the call at 8.55am yesterday to say that 8 of the 10 eggs had fertilised so extremely happy, back in this morning for ET.

    Good luck for the EC & ET x

  • Thank you. Good luck with the transfer x

  • It took me a good week to recover from EC because I over stimulated.. So just in case I would plan nothing for a while and be prepared and able to veg at home if needed!

  • Luckily I have leave off work, but nothing in the diary yet until we know whats going on x

  • Good luck x x

  • Thank you x

  • Good luck Hollibob, let us know how you get on! All the best :-) xx

  • Thanks x

  • Good luck! Exciting times :-) Yes, no heavy lifting or housework, spend the rest of the day and the weekend relaxing on the sofa. Mine was on a FRiday too, so gave me 2+ days to relax after which was great :-) I felt fine afterwards, just tired and took paracetamol, but no real pain xxx

  • Sounds good to me x

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