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Starting the investigations

Me and my partner have just been to the assisted conception department today and started the long road of tests. We are just waiting for a date for the SALP test and I'm feeling very nervous. I have under active thyroid which is treated but everyone seems to be skating round that issue at the moment.

Any help or advice welcome as it all feel very daunting at the moment

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Hi Little_miss1980. Well, it’s good to know that your investigations are now under way, and let’s hope that you don’t have to wait too long for your HSG. Before you have it done, pop and see your GP for something to help you to relax. It can be uncomfortable, so I like to keep my ladies nice and relaxed beforehand. It is a standard test, so I’m sure it will be OK. Regarding your thyroid function, make sure your GP regularly checks on this, at least once a year, so that any thyroxin tablets you need are kept at the correct dose for you. Remember that thyroxin is a hormone and needs to be in sinc with all the others. Hope this doesn’t sound too much like a lecture, but it’s what I do! Anyhow, I hope that all goes well with your investigations and that a treatment plan can soon be sorted for you. Good luck! Diane


Thank you for your advice, and help


Thank you for your advice much aprieated, as this is a very big scary world we seem to of opened


Hi Little_miss1980,

We had our tests done in July/August and I was nervous, especially about the blood tests. The HSG was not as bad as I expected. Waiting to get all the results was the worst bit but the clinic told us some of them as we went along.

I wish you all the best for the tests.


Thank you, I'm glad to hear the Hsg test isn't too bad.

This seems like a very big scary world that we have opened :-/ that I would guess most people don't have a clue about half of it.

I wish you good luck on your journey .


I started to feel a lot better once the tests were being done as it felt like we were moving forward rather than being stuck in a seemingly endless cycle of 'try try try, test test test, cry cry cry'. I think having the investigations done also helps you to look towards your next cycle with a positive attitude of 'next cycle we'll be doing this test or trying this drug' rather than 'if there is a next cycle, I've failed to get pregnant again'. I know it can seem scary and daunting but it's also a chance for you to learn a lot about all this stuff- people who have had no problem conceiving children often do not know what to say to people who do have problems, once you've been through it then it's a lot easier to find the words to help and console others- I think it helps you to have more empathy towards others. I wish you the best of luck with it all. Xxx

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Hi little _miss1980...

Firstly welcome to this site I hope you find it useful and a source of great support..

Let me introduce myself my name is Jess.. I'm 33.. I have a wonderful 16 year old son from a previous relationship whom I'm very proud of.. I've been ttc since I married me hubby in august 2011.. With no luck.. We under went several tests to be classed as in the unexplained caterory.. Very frustrating not to have a valid reason for delay in conceiving.. We were discharged June this year harshly from a nhs clinic with it's trying or ivf and we won't fund you as I've got a child already tho hubby is not a dad yet.. So we looked into egg sharing and went to a private clinic which we are now attending.. It was there that I started to get some answers for our delay in conceiving.. I discovered there that I have a premature aging left ovary..a Low amh level for my age( that's the egg reserve you have left mine was only 5.37 and it should be 10 to 15 for my age) hubby sperm has slightly raised abnormal 83% up to 75% is considered normal also tho his count was within the normal range it was the lower end of normal .. Looks like unless that improves it will be Icsi where instead of the sperm finding the egg they inject the egg with the best sperm they can find.. Luckily as my follicle count was good (my right ovary made up for my left one slacking lol!) the doctor agreed for me to try a cycle of egg sharing ivf was massively relieved.. So I did my screening blood tests and another "wrong" with me was discovered.. My tsh was slighlty raised tho under 5 so health wise if was fine.. But for ttc it needed to be between 1 and 2.5.. And mine was 3.9.. I was prescribed thyroxine as my clinic said that having tsh over 2.5 can affect embroyo implanation.. And my clinic told me to book up a blood test after taking it for 3 weeks to see how was doing and if my meds needed to be adjusted at all.. This was done early October and I'm glad to say it now within normal ranges :) it took 3 years and 1 month to discover my under active thyroid and I was relieved to finally have an explanation for our delay.. As Diana as quite rightly said thyroxin is an important hormone and plays it's part in fertlity.. It's wonderful it's been discovered it so common with women 15 in 1000 will have an underactive thyroid..I'm surprised the nhs failed to diagonsis us correctly.. Anyway left untreated it can have an big impact on ovulation fertlity can cause miscarriages birth detects so it's wonderful that's been treated for you.. I have to take thyroxine throughout my ivf which looks like I'll be starting early next year very excited :) Once I'm pregnant I'll have to have my tsh levels checked often as tsh can rise in pregnancy.. In the first 3 months it should be no higher than 2.5 and the remaing months no higher than 3.. You will also probably need monitoring once you're confirmed to be expecting.. I'm so glad I know all this so I can keep a potential baby safer :) ..

Regarding hsg procedure I would take some painkillers beforehand as you may experience period pains during the procedure.. I found it did hurt but I think I may have had some material blocking it as it took a few attempts to get the dye through that's why I think it hurt me more than it does most women..thd doctor performing he did say if he found something he'd try n unblock it..most women find it a little uncomfortable and not much more than a smear.. I think you're be fine as most women are :) I'm sure your clinic have told you the hsg cannot be performed during your period or after ovulation so ideally day 8 or so of your cycle.. My clinic advised me to use protection that cycle to avoid a pregnancy as thd hsg cannot be done if there's a slight chance of a pregnancy.. I also had to do a pregnancy test( tho I knew I wasn't) so they were 100% sure I wasn't pregnant.. I was told there and then my result it was normal.. Also if you are lucky and find no blockages your chances of achieving a pregnancy after hsg are greatly improved., my ex consultant he told me I had improved chances for up to 6 months after having hsg ..

I wanna wish you good luck with all your investigations and I hope make good progress with it.. This waiting around is the worst part of it all.. Ever need a chat Pm me otherwise all the best.. Jess X

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Thank you all for your help and advice although just starting out its good to hear other people's storys and expirences. and to know we aren't alone in this " scary world" . the hgs test certainly doesn't seem as daunting as it first did.

I know I have a long journey still as I also have to loose weight to qualify for funding , but I done it for my wedding so I'm determined to loose it again so hopefully me and my partner will one day expirence parenthood.

I wish you all good luck in your tests and treatments and hope 2015 brings you every thing you wish for x


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