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Thankyou All

Just wanted to thank every one of you for your such lovely msgs. Its still trying to sink in with me it just feels like its a dream at the moment with my darling hubby it has gone to his head (bless him) his Ex Army and already planning all the army clothes he will be buying he/she. This site has been amazing im so glad i found it all the support and positiveness i have had through my journey is unbelievable and want to say a BIG THANKYOU to you all and to Wish you all Luck and Hope in your journeys and to say to you all never give up on hope. Weve been TTC for years and now it feels like we have an Angel watching over us right now. XXXXXX

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Such good news, completely agree this site has made such a difference to me people who actually understand what your going through its such a great support. Take it easy and hope you have a lovely pregnancy x


I agree this site is amazing , not sure I would of coped without the last couple of weeks! Amazing news for you :) xx


So lovely to read this, enjoy every minute :-) I agree thus site was amazing for me when I was cycling. That's why I still come on now to try to support others xx


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