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So, I had my transfer yesterday. All went well, we had a fully developed Blastosyst grade 2 put back. The clinic even gave us a photo to keep :-) We have our test date which we have decided to keep private so people aren't asking just incase in hasn't worked.

Feels so surreal to think that my possible future child is already in there! Just hope it's making itself as copy as possible! Eeeeeeek!

Thank you so much for your support on here ladies, it really has been amazing! Wishing you all loads of luck :-) xxxxxx

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  • Best of luck!! Try (easier said than done, I know) not to spend the next days symptom spotting and googling, and remember that everyone is different. What symptoms someone else had are not the same as you might have. Go for a short walk each day if you can, it helps to clear the mind. x

  • Thank you. I'm back at work (only a desk job) to try and keep my mind occupied. I have promised myself I won't google anything lol and have a busy fun weekend planned so am hoping this 1st week goes pretty quick! Am going to stay positive and laugh as much as possible :-) xx

  • Sounds like a good plan!! I decided early on that I would not do a single test until my official test day, and made hubby hide the tests. I actually found it a lot less stressful than the previous time when I was testing all the time! Really wish you success x

  • Same. No early testing and no googling lol! Thank you so much. I'll be sure to let you know when I do :-) xx

  • Missav this is wonderful news and I'm so happy your transfer went well :) Good luck with the next 2 weeks and hope tine dosent drag too much for you. Drink plenty of fluids and rest as much as you can. I'm sure your clinic would've given a list of things you can and can't do. Wishing you a beautiful BFP you so deserve it and I think Katrina's advice is spot on. Good luck! X

  • Thank you Jess. Am so distracted at work! Oooop, but atleast I'm here I guess lol. xxx

  • Exciting! I had regular short walks as Katrina suggests, and having things planned to keep you busy is good! I also tried to laugh as much as possible, I heard it mentioned a few times that it can help- and hey if not then best laughing than crying :)

    Sending lots of love, hugs and baby dust that your wee one sticks xx

  • Thank you so much WeeMrsH! xx

  • Hi misssav

    I also had a transfer yesterday with a blastocyst grade 2, good luck and everything crossed for both of us. We have also decided to keep test date secret

  • Hi gemma36. Congratulations :-) I hope you're feeling well and have everything crossed for you too. I had some slight twinges yesterday morning and 2 slightly more intense cramps this morning so am hoping it's my little bean making itself nice and cosy as I've read it takes 2-3 days after transfer for full implantation to happen.....eeeek!

    Sending you lots of pregnancy dust and best wishes xxx

  • Morning misssav, i also have a few cramps last night and this morning, keep thinking am I imagining it or is it real!! lets hope it's the little ones getting comfy. I am not at work so taking it easy. Had a few days of not doing a lot so going to start doing a bit more today and make some dates to meet friends and family to keep myself busy. Hope you have a good stress free day at work, don't think I could go back yet although I have a more physical job as I am a nanny.

  • I am pretty certain we all get little twinges and cramps every single day of our life, we just don't notice or think anything of it usually. Really TRY not to focus on it and think too much and just go with the flow. As I said before, I know, easy to say. I threw a tantrum the night before my test (BFP) as I was convinced I had PMT and period pain.

    Laughter is definitely always welcome I think!! My last transfer was very relaxed and we had a good giggle with the nurses because I accidentally flashed my bum at the people in the waiting room when I walked past. I held out till test day and tried to stay relaxed. My little 'bean' is now 32 weeks gestation and kicking me in the ribs!

    I really really hope & wish the same success for you, but in the event that it doesn't work, just know that you did everything right, everything you could do, and the result was just not in your control. xxx

  • Thank you for your words of wisdom katrina. Congratulations on your pregnancy. My transfer was also very relaxed and went very smoothly, the nurses were all so kind and caring which helped a great deal making us feel at ease at a very anxious time.

  • Really hope you get your BFP.

  • Thank you pm27 xxx

  • Hi misssav how are you today?

  • I'm good thank you. Had the odd twinge and cramp during the week but no spotting. So am just hoping that it was just my little embryo making itself nice and snug. So glad the 1st week is nearly over. What about you? Xx

  • Same here, had quite bad cramping on Thursday evening, but by Friday morning it had gone and nothing since. I now have sore boobs but am putting that down to the pessaries as the nurse said I am on quite a high dose and a headache. Hope you are having a lovely restful weekend and fingers crossed for the 2nd week xx

  • Am keeping my fingers crossed for you hun. Have you had any spotting at all? I haven't and that's what's keeping me positive. 1week is almost over. Am sooo tempted to test 1 day early.......but am going to hold off xx

  • No no spotting which is keeping me positive too. Feeling really down this morning, have no reason to be but feel like I could cry any minute 😒 . Have got my mum and dad coming over this afternoon so hopefully they will be able to cheer me up.

  • Awww hope you feel a bit happier soon. I have my step-daughters here today, 1 of which is 17 and just announced an unplanned pregnancy. So I'm going to be a Step-Grandparent before I'm even a Mum. But trying not to let it get me down or focus on it. We've got to stay positive 😊😊😊

  • Oh my goodness that's a bit of a kick in the teeth! So hope this works for both of us xx

  • I know. Tell me about it! Oh well. Just gotta get on with it. Fingers crossed for us both xx

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