Looks like will be starting again

Been for 5th scan today and things aren't looking good, they've changed my drug from gonal to fostimon to try over the weekend but if no change by Monday then will be stopping. Does anyone know how long it is before I will be allowed another cycle?

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  • Hello. So sorry to hear it might be cancelled. but is does sound like the best thing to do. My clinic said after a canceled cycle you can start next month. So on your next period, because it's not actually a failed transfer then you can go again on your next period. But on one of the times it was Over Christmas time so we left it till new year to go again. But they should discuss this with you on Monday. IF not ask them. Hope this helpful. X

  • I will defiantly ask thank you

  • It usually depends on your clinic and your protocol... Some clinics like you to be a month or 2 between cycles, some will let you start again right away. If short protocol, you can generally start straight away. You may want to have a baseline scan to see antral follicle count which will give you an indication of your response, and/or do a day 1-3 hormone profile, which again will give an indication if it's a good month. Odd that they're switching drugs part way through a cycle. Personally I always responded better to Fostimon (naturally derived) than Gonal-F (synthetic). All the very best.

  • Thanks for your response not sure what you mean by having a baseline scan or hormone profile are these things I need to be asking for?

  • Baseline scan = scan day 1-3 (day 1 being first day of period), to look at ovaries, to (a) ensure no cysts and (b) look at antral follicle count, which will provide an indication of response.

    Hormone profile = blood test on day 1-3, looking at FSH, LH and E2. Should give an idea of whether it will be a good month to cycle (along with baseline scan). These are both (or should be) standard clinic practise.

  • I didn't have a scan until day 6 of my injections, howver I did have a baseline scan a while ago and I have a very high folicle count too high apparently. I had loads of bloods but they were at the beginning when I was referred. Will see what they say Monday that you for your response. It's really helping talking to people who understand was feeling a bit lost on my own

  • No worries chick; here if you need to talk things through. xx

  • Also sorry new to this what do you mean by protocol?

  • Long or short.

    Long = start down regging around day 21 of your cycle.

    Short = hook in with your own cycle (agonist or antagonist)

  • Guess mind must be long as I had to start tablets day 21 of my cycle x

  • Sounds like it, although maybe it's not suiting you like it should? That's what I'd be querying right now. x

  • Everything else they say is working my lining and some other count just not the folicles growing. 1 has grown to 25 but that's the only one the others don't seem to be coming a long. A couple have come and gone x

  • Sounds like you have a lead follicle which is outdoing any others. Naughty follicle!! Ideally all should grow together; that clearly hasn't happened this time. Is it your first cycle? There should be learnings from this which will help shape the future - that said, a scan after the w/e may show all is well. Fingers crossed. They don't call it a rollercoaster for nothing! Here if you have any Qs. x

  • Yes defiantly a lead that one has grown at each scan. Yes this is my first cycle and they have said they have started me on a very low dose due to the amount of folicles and they don't want me to over stimulate. Yes hopefully this different drug might have changed things, even if not ready for egg collection at least if it's changed they will keep going only time will tell.

  • How did your scan go? Hope all ok. I'm guessing you have PCO or are borderline for this?

  • Hi I was tested for PCO but was negative I have a very high AMH so they have been giving me low doses of drugs. Still had 3 follicles but going for egg collection tomorrow. Nothing to loose they said I could be in same position net time or the increase in drugs they'll give me may over stimulate. Thy said I have 80% chance of having eggs so I thoiht it was worth ago.

  • You were tested for the syndrome you mean (PCOS)? Sounds like you may have the PCO bit but not the S bit?? Hope they're monitoring your estrogen levels. What size are the follies? Lining a decent size?? Sounds like a good plan to go to EC; I wish you luck. Enjoy the sedation!!

  • I'm trying not to even think about it, will be over soon enough busy at work today to take my mind of it. Sorry to sound stupid but what's POC? And the difference to Pocs? Don't think they've ever monitored my estrogen levels or they've not said anyway, how do they do that? Yes lining good and I have a 23mm and 15mm. I took my trigger drug last night and then ustrogen is it every night now.

  • PCO = poly cystic ovaries; the S is the syndrome, ie high testosterone levels (which I suspect is what they tested), and sometimes facial/body hair, bad spots. They test estrogen through blood tests. You'll be on progesterone support now ;) Good luck, and good that you're busy!

  • Yeah they warned me I could have PCO but they lost my results had to have test re done they said I had high follicle count but not PCO. Haven't had blood tests for months x

  • Sorry to hear that Jasp- my first cycle was cancelled, and I was devasted as i just wasn't aware that actually could happen ( unless it was due to OHSS). I decided to go again straight away. Meaning I had to wait for one period. When we got to the point of meds, I was really anxious as the whether I was emotionally ready to have a negative result again. But once I started, I was fine. (It's a classic case of the thought is worse than the action).

    My first cycle was a short protocol, but my period took ages to arrive ( 2weeks late)

    My second protocol has gone on forever!!!! I've been injecting for 46 days, but thank goodness they didn't give up on me, because yesterday I underwent EC and 4 out of my 5 follicles had eggs!!! I'm elated!!! I'm just hoping one or two have fertilised!!! The call comes later today..... Good luck, keep as positive as you can and I hope your treatment works this weekend XXXXX but always push for more treatment XXXX

  • Thank you so when you said you started straight away meaning your next period started as your new cycle for ivf? As when I had a period I then had to take tablets at day 21 have another then inject. I'm all new to this so not sure or will I have to have a full cycle normal and then contact for new cycle. I am going to take your advice and ask for treatment though as they don't seem to give things much time to work. my natural cycle is already 35 days so longer than normal anyway so don't want to have to wait months. Again same as you I thought it might take a couple of tries to get pregnant but never expected to fail so early on. X

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