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Keep hope....don't give up

Hey ladies

I am still trying to get over my negative and every time I am feeling a little better they try and throw me another keep faith moment. Got my negative on Thursday and yet they want me to test again 8 48 hours and by blood test just to rule out.

I know my body too well. Getting over a negative isn't easy but k ow that I and many others have had the same result just try and say there was a reason beyond your control. It didn't work this time.

I am here as a shoulder to lean on if you ever wanna chat.

Don't give up hope to all the ladies that didn't get a positive and for those that did I wish you best and healthy pregnancy


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Hi ya! I think im still trying to get over my negative even. I work with kids and loads of people asking me well, when r u going to have your own?! I usually say that one day. But now i feel like it will never happen. We r lucky enough to have another 2 free fresh cycles on NHS and if we can freeze any blasts we can have 3 frozen cycles on NHS too. I know it s so lucky but im not as hopeful as i was back jn September when we started our 1st cycle.

But I wish luck to all lovely ladies over there and to you tamtam personaly! X


Hey Pritsko201

The blessing you have is to have all those cycles in NHS that's amazing so the pressure should be easier for you cos you always know that for now it's not the end but just the beginning of your journey..... don't be disheartened as your time will come. I wish I could get 1 cycle on NHS but as my partner has a child from previous they see fit to say NO :(

However don't fret or waste your energy worrying what people say or ask when the time is right for you it will happen hold onto that when you feel negative or down it will happen for you. In the meantime let hubby cuddle you loads and keep vocal on your feeling about it all men may not always understand what we as women feel or go through to get here and then get a negative, but doesn't mean they won't listen.

If you even need a silent moan or chat I am here for you.

I wish you every success on your next cycle let's hope our.wishes get answered.

Take care and good luck.xxxx




Sorry to hear yr still feeling the effects. I know it's not the same cos I did have a positive and after 3 difficult years I was beside myself. Then the miscarriage. I still feel the sadness and confusion every day, so I do feel for you and get why it's hard. I had to keep doing blood and urine tests too, as they wanted to be sure it was a complete miscarriage and it was so hard as I just wanted to move on. Take care. Be strong, it's all we can do eh xx


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