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CCG GP residency rules

Hi ladies, I'm just about to embark upon the complicated world of IVF and NHS funding.

I've just looked up our CCG rules and on residency they state:

a. Both partners must be registered with a GP practice in Ipswich and East Suffolk or West Suffolk Clinical Commissioning Groups for at least 12 months prior to referral from primary care to secondary care and be eligible for NHS care.

I've just moved house in the last month, and therefore to a new GP and CCG. Surely the above doesn't mean that we have to wait another year when we've already been trying for 2 - and we've just found out I have severe endo and blocked tubes?

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Hi sparklyT, i don't know if i can be that much help to you. just inform the CCG that you have had to move house, i had the same problem when we were hoping to go and start with a clinic we moved house so they sent all the forms to our old address, i called them and informed them that we had moved, luckly we live in the same County so we were still be able to stay with the clinic we wanted and doctors, i don't know if it will be different tho if you have moved Countys. Did you have a clinic you were hoping to go with where you use to live? as you can only can try calling them and explain you have moved. I really do hope you don't have to wait another year and get your answer soon. Wish you all the best on your jouney of IVF XX

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