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Would my book on Secondary Infertility be useful to you? Trying to get published and show there would be interest

In my desperate quest for a brother or sister for my little boy Zac, I have written a memoir about my journey through fertility drugs and 4 rounds of IVF in 14 months.

Sometimes sad, sometimes funny, this is my frank and honest account exploring the physical, mental and emotional challenges we faced going through IVF when we were fortunate to have a child but felt we still had more love to give.

I passionately want to reduce the stigma of Secondary Infertility and shout the message - it's alright to want another child, you are not alone, you are not greedy and you should not feel guilty.

I am currently liaising with agents to try to get my book 'More Love To Give' published but am trying to demonstrate that there is a market for my book - I know I would have loved the support!!

morelovetogivebyhelendavies... is my site and I am on Facebook More Love To Give - an IVF memoir. Please leave a comment here on FF or on FB or my site to help me show the agents and publishers that there are couples out there who would buy it and welcome that information.

And good luck to you all.

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Great, I will have a look at it for sure. A few of my friends are impacted by secondary infertility and me by infertility as a result of endometriosis. Can you also have a look at my post and share with as many people in your community please - to vote for Carol Pearson who is Trustee of Endometriosis UK Charity, to become Trustee of the year - voting is open on the Guardian newspaper - here - bit.ly/1tJRHqE

Endometriosis is one of the leading causes of infertility and secondary infertility, and we seriously need to raise the profile of the disease and women's disease in general - many of these diseases are so closely linked with each other. And voting for Carol is one way to raise the profile of women's diseases in general - they are absolutely not taken seriously enough - and that includes infertility which is a devastating disease. She has done so much work for women that she deserves it.

Goodluck with your work, I will send a link to my friends.


Ah Yellow Rose thank you for your comment and your support. I will indeed vote for Carol to raise awareness. Good luck in your treatment.


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