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TTC after miscarriage and ectopic with right tube removed, 37, first baby

I had my right tube removed in May due to an ectopic pregnancy. I also had a miscarriage in January. Since May I've been having more irregular periods, sometimes 25 days, sometimes 32. I've also been having a bit more pain than I used to. I've been using okps to track ovulation and doing pregnancy tests, as really don't want to end us being caught out by another ectopic. This month only on dpo7 but I've got a much higher temp than usual and had cramps alternating between right and left side for more than a week. Much sorer than usual, also tired, headachy but no illness obvious to explain the temp, feeling sicky and generally off. Should be far too early for pregnancy symptoms to show, no other illness to explain current symptoms. Did a pregnancy test and another okps yesterday just in case, both negative. Difficult to get gp appointment and can't go to early pregnancy unit as not pregnancy. Wondered if anyone else had experience of any of this after an ectopic as feel like I'm going mad.

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Hi MMC, I was in a similar position as you. I had a miscarriage & ectopic pregnancy in March after 1 round of IUI. We then had a successful IVF, but I had lots of left- and right-sided pain, so was obviously worried about having another ectopic. I managed to get a scan on the 6th week and everything was fine, thankfully. The nurse did say it's quite normal to have pain in pregnancy as everything is stretching & growing inside you. Since the last scan I'm still getting some right-sided pain but I try not to worry about it too much, I just attribute it to my scar stretching. Hope it all works out for you, I know only too well the fears of getting another ectopic.


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