Transfer day

So transfer day has arrived. I'm feeling ok now. But I know once its done will be a different story. Trying to stay relaxed feels impossible after its been done. Especially as it's our last try and I'm only 28. But am trying to hold onto the fact I am still young. And so if this does not work there are other options. Good luck to anyone else waiting. ️Xx

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  • Hey hunni...

    Just wanted to wish you all the best with it all..

    I haven't personally been through ivf.. So cannot imagine just how hard it is.. Hoping to have ivf soon..

    Good luck if you need someone to talk to Pm me X

  • Hey hunni. Thank you. Almost at clinic now And feeling very nervous. Thank you for that offer. Hope you are able to start soon. ️Xx

  • Keeping everything crossed for you lovely XXXXX

  • Thank you. Feeling ok at the moment. But the test day can't come soon enough. ️Xx good luck to you to. ️Xx

  • Hi, I'm a similar age and am just fighting for our 1st cycle of IVF treatment, I hope yesterday went well and you're now sitting with your feet up and being looked after...all the best, sending you lots of good thoughts and wishes xx

  • Hi. Hope your ok. Hope you get some answers soon. It all went fine. I am resting well and being looked after. :) not working either as its shop work. Lots of love. ️Xx

  • I felt it was a really surreal moment when I sat at home after wards knowing the embro was there - really strange. Good luck

  • Thank you nellynel. It is weird but I'm trying to think about it to much. but it is hard. Especially as I'm going to the toilet lots more. And everytime I worry. Roll on the 4th. ️Xx

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