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Hi ladies I had my egg collection yesterday and I was really stress as I was at risk of having OHSS, so far I feel really bloated and bit sore as well as a mild pain at my foot on the heel which is bit strange. I wanted to ask did you any of you has been prescribed tinzaparin after egg collection for thinning the blood and preventing blood clods. I was thinking that after egg collection I will only have the pessaries however I have 2 weeks of tinzaparin and 8 days of cabergoline which is suppose to reduce the OHSs symptoms. So far we got 15 eggs of which 9 are mature so we will see on Monday what is the quality of embrious.

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  • Wow 15 is a fab number. I had only 5 and only 1 ended up being ok for transfer. No Meds were given to me and I swear I felt my insides had literally been pulled about. But it only lasted a day or 2. Good luck xxxx

  • Hi babylonia, congrats on ur 15 eggs. Im sure you will have good embryos out of those. I was perfectly fine after the egg collection no pain at all,but was bloated fow few days. I was prescribed heparin injections for blood thinning. So i guess its normal. I didnt have great luck with the embryo's as they didnt divide as they should have been. So i didnt have any to transfer. I was told that ours was a rare case. But goodluck with yours and keep us posted on how u get on.

  • Hi Shirley100, thank you for your msg and i am sorry that you didn't have luck with your embryos this is really sad considering everything which you have to go through in order to reach this stage. Although we have got the good news that we have 7 embryos i am really worried about quality and whether there will be transfer or not.Tomorrow we have got appointment and than we will get to know so lets see. I hope everything works out well for you xxx

  • Dont worry you'll be fine. Ours was a rare case so the dr will carefully plan our next cycle, so keeping my fingers crossed

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