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National Fertility Awareness Week

National Fertility Awareness Week (#nfawuk) starts on 27th October, and finishes with The Fertility Show on 1st/2nd November. You can find out how to get involved with the week at nfaw.org.uk/ and see what is happening at The Fertility Show at fertilityshow.co.uk/

The Awareness Week is a great chance to help highlight the issues affecting everyone with fertility problems - we will be campaigning for better emotional support (so please complete our Health Unlocked Poll!), more NHS treatment, better education as well as more awareness and trying to get more people talking about fertility issues. Clinics are supporting the week with the embryo challenge, and everyone can join the Great Cake Bake so please check out the website and whatever you do, do something to get involved in some way. Fertility problems affect one in six couples, that's currently around 3.5 million people in the UK. We don't talk enough about it - the week gives us a chance to change that!

Best wishes


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