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Has anybody had really bad cramp like pains around 6weeks it hurts more when I empty my bladder. Not sure it's normal after all the prodding and poking of the IVF. I am also worried about this as on my first bloods we was told it was a failed attempt we no know that we are pregnant but it was a little slow starter just hoping we see a heart beat on Friday to show am on going pregnancy. X thanks in advance for help Xx

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  • Yes! I had bad cramps and even spotting around the times when my natural period was due! I also had one ovary four times enlarged. Apparently this is all normal - I am now 16 weeks and everything has settled down. Good Luck xxxx

  • I also had cramps. I think it's normal after all we've been through so try not to worry. I was also told it would take a while for my ovaries to calm down after treatment too x

  • Thank you, I am just so worried because I got told I wasn't pregnant then got a positive test back a week later now I am just praying there is a heart beat on Friday when I will be 7weeks, not sure what they will say if there isn't. Xx

  • It's also completely normal to be anxious before your scan. I was so nervous when we went for our and in the end everything was fine. Now I'm worried about the 12 week scan! I think we go through so much that it can be difficult to believe that our pain and suffering is actually over!

    Good luck for Friday x

  • Why don't you get checked for a UTI. I got one about then. It could be why it hurts a bit when you empty your bladder.

  • Sorry what UTI

  • Bladder infection.

  • Pee in a pot and they will test for infection. Tell them you're pregnant.

  • Hi just seen your post and can't believe this happened to u. .. must of bn huge surprise and really miracle see positive test after negative bloods .. didn't think this could happen.. sorry for questions but did u have 3day or 5 day transfer and also seen u bn bleeding.. x just shows u how miracles can happen and to never ever give up hope x my first cycle was chemical pregnancy and when they phoned with second beta I thought and prayed they done mistake unfortunately they were right x hope all goes well for u x x

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