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Frozen transfer Friday

All being well I will have my frozen transfer on Friday. They are thawing four of my embryos on Wednesday and will ring me on Thursday to let me know how many made it and what time to go in etc. Just wondering does anyone know what the odds are of my embryos not surviving the thawing and if anyone has has a postive following a natural frozen transfer. It all seems abit to easy after last time! Thanks xx

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Hi, lots of luck for Friday! As far as I understand it, if your embryo's are blastocycsts there is a 95% chance that they will survive the thawing process, if not blastocycsts I think it is around 75%? dont quote me on that, but basically they embryos had to be good quality to be able to be frozen so they are likely to thaw well :-)

I am now 20 weeks pregnant from our first natural frozen cycle. I found this cycle a walk in the park physically compared to the fresh cycle, due to no drugs! I'm convinced that is why it worked for us.

Good luck for Friday and lots of love xxx


Hi jenny34. Thanks very much, I will be forever checking my phone tomorrow! That's fab that the frozen transfer worked for you! It's always great to hear other people have been successful! Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy xxxx


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