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Game over

Sad sad day today was a rough day. We are 8dpt of 3dt and as I wiped saw light fresh mucusly blood mixed not very heavy but still right there.

It's been a rough emotional day I been little stressed with sadness but now am even worse had a period like feeling all day and there it is.

Gonna try take it easy and stay positive as test day not til Sunday 😢😢😢😢

Sorry for the negative

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Hang in there my lovely, you never know, I had the same thing happen but no full on period and I test on Wednesday!! Thinking of you xx


No need to be sorry tamtam it's best to release your feelings. I'm so sorry to hear that you had a little bleed. It might be implanation bleeding or maybe one embryo not taking. It's not over yet Hun. Wishing you a shiny BFP on Sunday X

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Awww hun dont think its game over just yet really wish you luck on Sunday xxxxx


Sending you lots of baby dust- hang in there!! ❤️ Xx


Hun this is difficult though, being positive is the safest way on this track xx I can understand how you are feeling xx we all with you xx


If the blood is slight you may be ok. Try to rest if you can take some days off work.

The problem is we analyse every single symptom. Try to be positive which is so hard especially as we know our own body's.

Take care xxxx


Thinking of you and really hoping you get your BFP.


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