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1st scan since starting gonal f

So I had my firsts scan since starting gonal f last week x I'm on 125iu a night an on my right ovary she measured 16 follicles plus their were 6/7 smaller ones and in my left ovary she only measured 6 and their were 7/8 smaller ones is this good? I've got another scan Friday then last one on Monday then hopefully egg retrieval next weds so a week today eeeeeeek getting all so real now xxxxx

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Good luck xxx


Everyone is different and they respond differently to drugs. As this was you first scan did they alter any of your meds? I responded really quickly and had a lot of follicles but not all of a good size. Eventually in total I had 32 follicles but only 9 eggs retrieved. Just keep doing what you're doing and see how the next scan goes. Good luck!


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