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Started on the gonal F mon

Hi, I havnt written a post for a while, iv done my two weeks down regulating and have started with the new meds mon just gone. Has anyone else had hot sweats in the night with this? Keeps waking me up. Also I have a cold so I don't no which is causing it.

I'm feeling a combination of excited and anxious. Only 2 weeks away potentially from the start of our baby/bays as implanting two. Either on mon 16th/weds 18th depending on when egg collection is. As its my first cycle I am trying to stay positive, I'm hoping as im 26 and the issue is with the hubby our chances are good. But we will have to see.

Has anyone had similar circumstances to me and had a good outcome?

x x x

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Hi Victoria09. Well, you are certainly on the way with your treatment cycle, which is good to hear. Unfortunately, Gonal-F is well known to cause sweats like that, so I would expect your night sweats are due to the Gonal-F and not your cold, as you would be getting them during the day too. Make sure you drink plenty of water, and of course take some paracetamol if you feel poorly with your cold. Yes, it is all very exciting, but I can understand your nervousness too. So far though, everything seems to be going to plan for you, so I do hope that it continues to do so, and of course fingers crossed for a positive outcome. Diane


Thank you ... Ok at least I know that this will continue for a couple of weeks.

Let's hope so



Hi. I'm hoping that it may ease off, as it doesn't always last through the whole stimulation process - fingers crossed! Diane


Hello Victoria09, We have our first appointment for IVF on 16th March so around the time you will be having your little embryos implanted. I just want to wish you the best of luck. It can be difficult at times but i'm trying to stay positive too! x


I'm having hot moments in the night too due to my meds, it's an unfortunate side effect so follow Diane's advice and it won't be for too long.


I'm getting night swears too, started the gonal f last Thursday but it's dedinetky getting better! I thought the symptoms would get worse but I can't complain all fine but I do keep fresh pjs by the bed every night now 😀 good luck with it all xxx


I feel a bit dizzy with mines but no sweats .... I have low blood pressure though so think that's what it might be .... Good luck with ur journey xx


Hi Victoria09.

I'm in a similar position. Our issue is due to my partner having cancer treatment when we was younger (thankfully he was able to store samples before treatment began) and so am hoping my 1st round is going to go smoothly. I'm egg sharing (partner has 2 children from a previous relationship, also before his cancer treatment) and so we don't get any funding. I have been matched to an egg recipient and so just waiting to start the pill to sync both our cycles.

I am due to take the pill on the 16th/18th depending on when I come on! Then it's all go.

Will be thinking of you. Keep me posted with how you get on. Can I ask how come they're implanting 2 embryos? I have been told because of my age, they would highly recommend only implanting 1?



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