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Hi all I'm new here never posted before but just wondering if anyone has experienced "old blood" in their cycle? Im due to start meds soon for ivf and I'm unsure of when my day 1 is as I always have dark/sometimes black blood at the start of my period. The fertility nurse said its old blood and I should count day 1 from when I see fresh blood. Has anyone else experienced this? Obviously it's critical to get the dates right for start of treatment so any advice greatly appreciated. I also have quite a lot of mid-cycle bleeding so I'm a bit all over the place!

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  • Hi Marie83. Yes, your fertility nurse is correct. Many ladies experience some brown/blackish bleed before the onset of their period. You’re looking for “red” blood, then you will get your timings right. Good luck with it all and I do hope it is successful. Diane

  • Thanks so much Diane, it's just so difficult to know what to do sometimes. Obviously I would have taken the nurses recommendation but it's good to have this network and hear that other people go through the same. I'm hoping I'll start meds some time in late in August I can't wait to get started!

  • You'll be fine. Of course it's all very scary, but you will get there - good luck! Diane

  • I feel your pain Marie_83 as I always have spotting before my period and it's so frustrating! Mine isn't always brownish (like discharge, though can be) but light pinkish/red and knowing what is day 1 of real period can be so difficult! It was hard enough working this out to time for clomid never mind when I start my IVF, dreading it. Best of luck to you with it all! Exciting :-) xx

  • Thanks WeeMrsH I'm keeping everything crossed, good luck to u too :) If you don't mind me asking would you consider light pink day 1 as I also have this too sometimes

  • It's tricky. Really it was only the flow of a discharge at heaviest and mostly only when I wiped in the bathroom (sorry maybe tmi!) so as I was told only bright red blood flow I didn't count before. Also my periods when I wasn't ovulating tended to last 5/6 days and when I began ovulating they're 4/5 days which tended to be consistent from the onset of red flow, if you see what I mean- I spot about 3/4 days sometimes before period. Very very annoying and also don't know how many times I've foolishly thought it might be early pregnancy spotting when of course it wasn't! :( hope this has helped xx

  • Yeah that sounds a bit like my cycle too. Thanks so much for your reply xx

  • I count day 1 from when I need to use protection...

    I also get this brown and sometimes pink discharge..before my period begins ...in the past I thought it was preg signs...I now accept it's just part of my period..glad it's not just me :)

    Good luck to you both with ur treatment hope it goes well :)

    X x x

  • Thanks Jess I'm heartbreaking isn't it. Hope all goes well for you too xx

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