Our first Ivf cycle, miscarriage :(

Sadly our first cycle of IVF has ended in miscarriage! I'm heartbroken, im so angry at the world & devastated! If another persons response to me is aww you can try again I am going to scream! It literally feels like a physical pain! I go from feeling numb to crying hysterically! Does anyone know of any support groups/websites/message boards that might help? I would really appreciate it xx

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  • Hi nat miscarriage is something that im prepearing myself mentally for as well. Although i wanna think positively and think its all going to be well i think deep down i want to be prepeard for the worst as well. This is such a horrible treatment for all the women on this website that i think the only thing that really conforts all of us is knowing that we are all on the same boat. Apart from that i think that even if you go and get registered on a hundred support groups or whatever you have to try and figure out by yourself what you can do to.make yourself feel better. With this treatment you have no choice but to think positive because what other option do we have. We are putting our bodies through this horrible process and its only natural thay we feel quiet warn down and negative. I mean i have speant most nights crying because you just feel like theres so many people out there that dont even deserve children and they can have them where as you have to go through this ordeal and maybe with nothing in the end. You are lucky in the sence that you are still very young theres women out there who dont even have that. Try to remember what you are doing this for and alao remeber that aometimes it dosent happen the fisrt time but that dosent mean its not going to either. Take care and look after your self for a while hun because your bodies been through hell. Try to relax yourself physically and mentally and if it.means that you have to cry and cry till you feel better thwn by.all means do that. There nothing wrong with that, you have to relase that anger somehow. Xx

  • Thank you so much for your reply!! Everything you've said is exactly what I needed to hear! Thank you for that! You've made me feel better! I've never thought of it like that and you've helped me! Thank you Hun xxx hope your okay xxx

  • Im glad its helped you pick yourself up abit because really and truely even if you have great family support and what not the only people that can truely understand what your going through are the women on this website.

    As for me im tryng my very best to get through each day, what else can i do but try try and try :-) keep me posted on how your getting on and take good care of yourself xxx

  • Sad new! I feel I am going to miscarrie too as I've got a large hemorrhage next to placenta. May I ask what your signs were and was your first scan ok and it happen after or before. They have found a heat beat but I've been bleeding, x

  • Hi sorry to hear youe news I miscarried a few weeks ago... I was 12 weeks pregnant and it was also my 1st ivf/ Icsi. . What they dont tell you is its quite normal to have a misscarriage when doing ivf.. I had my fetus tested and it came back as abnormal cromosones. I really do feel for you and I understand how hurtful it is when other people say 'dont worry you can try again' but they dont know what else to say I suppose. .take care

  • so sorry for you. i lost my baby on my 2nd round o ftreatment - we found out at the 6-week scan. horrible horrible and not fair given all that we go through, we deserve not to have this happen to us. be strong, but take timeto grieve your baby xx

  • So sorry! It feels terrible doesn't it? I wish I knew how to make it hurt less, but having been there several times, I know with time the pain dulls leaving just a tender spot. Anger and heart break is what I experienced. Anger because the drug addict living upstairs got a handful of kids, and sad while me being responsible got no kids. It just isn't fair sometimes. There is a miscarriage support group via the NHS, but I didn't join, as it cost money and the number to call was quite expensive per minute.

  • I'm so sorry to hear this my first cycle ended up in an ectopic pregnancy in June and there are no words to say to heal the pain hope you are ok xxxx

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