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Is this my menstruation coming or a very late implantation blood came out?

Insulin resistant. Not diabetic. Diagnosed with PCOS. Went under medication (Met). Polycysts were gone. Been having my regular period length - 28 days. On ttc. On my second round of Clomiphene Citrate.

When I went to the comfort room to pee early this morning, I saw a brown string of blood on my undies. The thing is, it's so thin that it looks like a pen accidentally hit it. Sooo thin. After waking up, I went to the loo again. I saw brown blood. Just enough to make the tissue wet. I saw nothing on my undies aside from that pen-like streak of blood. I'm wearing a pad now for 2hours but there's just a drop of it. When I get my menstruation, I would discharge more after noticing it for the first time.

I know it's too late for implantation to occur. I'm just wondering if there are cases where implantation blood went out too late. My mense was supposed to come 5days ago.

I usually have PMS symptoms but the only thing that I'm experiencing now is super slight sore breasts not even close to 1/4 of the pain that I usually get before my period, headaches every now and then, short pangs below my belly button that lasts for a few seconds to a minute, sleep a lot, and nothing else. I'm confused because this is the first time that I'm lacking PMS symptoms.

Can implantation blood even come out later than expected? I mean, I've started to have regular menstrual cycles since March for 28days. But I don't know if the IB is late now because I don't know if I'm really late now because of this brown discharge. It's not even red.

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I would do a pregnancy test to make sure. Clear blue digital is the most accurate. Good luck xx

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Hi chipsnfries - this is usually exactly what my period is like - I usually go two straight days with no blood after the very light brown discharge. I once went 5 days, but my period always comes. It feels like mother nature is mocking me and prolonging my pain. I hope it worked out well for you?


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