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tilted cervix? could this be why im not getting pregnant naturally?

oso i have never really thought about it before, but after reading something maybe this could be the reason im not getting pregnant?

i was told about a year and a half ago whilst having tests that my cervix tilted backward a lil, they said it was nothing to worry about so i didnt but could this be the reason why i have not yet had a BFP.

me n hubby hav our seminar appointment on 30th June then our 1st consultation on 14th july

just wanted to kno if anyone else has been told their cervix tilts backwards or if anyone knows anything about it.

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My mother, 2 sisters, me, etc all have a retro verted uterus. My mum had 8 pregnancies, both sisters have had 3. I have had 1. I have unexplained infertility. None of the clinics have thought it an issue.


Hi Sunnysarah01 my sister and I both have a tilted cervix.shes had 2 children and ive had 1.its never been an issue,I have pcos which is whats making things difficult for me.x


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