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Anyone in Norfolk know if the changes to IVF affect those who have already started treatment?

The number of attempts has just been reduced from 3 to 2. We've already been through (and failed) our first attempt. Whilst going through that the hospital said that it was likely to change but assured us that it would "probably" not affect us as we'd already started treatment. Bit worried that we'll now only get 1 more go. :-(

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Just spoken to a nurse at our hospital and she wasn't even aware of the announcement. She again said that in the past when things of changed they've not affected those that had already been referred but she couldn't tell me if this one would. She's going to see what she can find out and will let us know.


Hi WorriedKL. It's a nightmare hearing about several areas reducing their number of treatment cycles! I think you will find though, that it will affect "new" patients, not existing ones. If you have any paperwork that states how many cycles you are permitted, then they will have to abide by that. Hope all works out well for you. Diane


I echo that. Our referral was put through early for this reason so we would still get 3 cycles. I'll check with my clinic today as I have an appointment .


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