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really need help

hello, on the 8th may i had my first gynaecology appointment and they asked me to do a pregnancy test so i did one and the nurse came in saying it was negative but a min later she said that i am pregnant because there was a faint line so they sent me for a blood test and got the results on the Monday saying i am pregnant but i have low hcg and to go and have another blood test on Thursday so i did and no one will tell me the results at the hospital and the doctors aint got the first results i really don't know what to do i am so scared that i am going to miscarry again did anyone else had this

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Hi winkalik. So sorry to hear that you have all this worry. It may just be that you have been tested very early on in the pregnancy, therefore your hCG reading would have been low. It is unfortunate that they have lost your first blood test to compare the second with, but they can always repeat it again to compare the 2nd with the 3rd - which should be doubling each time! A lot of stress and worry for you. If your test remains positive, why don’t you ask about some progesterone support, in view of the fact that you say you have previously miscarried. I do hope all works out well for you. Diane


i did get the results back and yes i was pregnant but on the 25th may i was rushed in hospital with tummy pains and 2 days later i miscarried again


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