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Just about to start down reg injections tomorrow and wanted to know what time is best to take it and along with the stims what time to take


Stims with it too? Any success stories? I keep thinking the time a take them with effect it a specially when taking both in one day ?

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Hi Stella, I used to take mine at 6:30pm so I'd be home in time from work. It resulted in a BFP but no idea if that had any contribution to it !! All the best hun xx

That's great news did you have to take two at once at one point ? X

Hi Stella. I did my injections at 7.30pm. Choose a time when you will will be able to relax and chill out. I start my down the drugs in two weeks time. Got fingers crossed the second cycle is more successful. Good luck to you.

Hi stellawaddingham, good luck with downreg meds. I was down reg pills only not injection on the 31st march for 13 days, then i had a bleed. I had to have scan before the 3rd day of the period. At the scan, it was seen that me uteres lining was thick, so i cudnt start the menopur injections. I am told to do the preparation month again, so i am on the 10th day of downregs ( pills only, no injections) after 13the day of taking pills, i shud have a bleed, and then go for a scan again, if my uterus lining is thick again, then my cycle will b cancelled and they will have to do a biopsy of the lining.

I'm confused on how long I'm on down reg then start gonal ? I start down reg today and got a scan on 27th then I move house the week after. Worried Im gonna start the stims and the move was the wrong move lol

Hi Stella what protocol are you on. It sounds like the long protocol. If that is the case you are usually on the down reg drugs for 3-4 weeks before you start stims depending on outcome of scans. You then stim for 10-14 days again depending on scan results. While stimming you will continue to take a smaller amount of the d/reg drugs to stop you releasing your eggs. Did your clinic not give you instructions of what time to take your drugs. I was told in the evening. So I took mine at 10.30 at night. A bit annoying as meant that I had to be home by 10 to get ready for injections so no late nights. But it goes really quickly so you get use to it.

So good luck Hun, just take them at a time that is most convenient to you and easiest to stick to each day so am or pm xxx

Missmmc Thankyou that has given me all my answers. Yes I'm doing long protocol. They only told me what drugs I will be taking and not how long for. X

Hi Stella, I done the down reg at 7am and once I started on the stims also I done that one at 7pm as I was told spacing them is best. I have egg collection tomorrow and scan on Friday showed 26 follicles. I think it depends where you are in your cycle, I did down regs for 22days and then stims for 10days. X

I did 0.5ml of buserelin for 22days and then reduced it to 0.2ml when taking stims also for 10days. I had a baseline scan after 22days before being given the gonal f stims for the 10days (scanned on day 6 and day 10) that was Friday and given pregnyl injection to do last night and egg collection is Monday. If get a good embryo transfer will be wed or thur.

Everyone is slightly different but hope this gives you a good timeframe x

That is very helpful Thankyou, guessing mine will be pretty much the same. I work nights and days and mornings so either way I'll have to carry my meds around with me. I'm moving house on the 2nd oops. I've got enough for 33 days so thought ide be in it for that long. They have not told me when to book time off so bit worried. Hope all goes well for you x

It does sound like you are doing the long protocol like me. Don't worry, I'm sure the hospital will give you dates etc if you ask. Ours gave us a calender timetable at the start with rough dates on when each stage should take place dependant on response to the drugs they could have moved slightly but haven't. It was really helpful to see each step and mark it off. It even has dates on it for test day and 6wk and 8wk scan if things work out! :) Wow.

When carrying your meds around make sure you keep them in a cool place, boot of car is usually best place when travelling to keep them away from heating/aircon/sunlight. Good luck with your cycle and also with your move, try to keep stress free, we moved house 2weeks ago too.

You should contact the hospital and ask for rough dates as they will already know. Good luck x

Brilliant thanks, I called them and they said call back on day 1 of period. I feel a lot more informed, thanks everyone x

Stella... I've been told to take all injections (Suprecur and Gonal F) at the same time somewhere between 6pm and 8pm. I start suprecur tonight and am going for 8pm. Also, this one doesn't need to be in the fridge but the Gonal F and Ovitrelle (HCG trigger) MUST be kept in fridge.... Boot of car is not going to cut it. Either invest in ice pack/cool box for transport or put in fridge at work...

Double check your advice and make sure you can fit it into your lifestyle :-)

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