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Re: AMH Result

Hi everyone,

I am a bit sad and confused about my AMH result. I just received today and the result is 4.7. We are under the care of private fertility clinic. I haven't informed my fertility clinic yet as I've done this blood test in other fertility clinic for some reasons. It is our first time to be with fertility clinic. Does it mean I have a low chance of successful pregnancy?

Does anyone can explain or experienced but with positive result?

Thanking you in anticipation.


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Hi bluer,

I'm a fertility patient, not an expert, but the following is my understanding:

There are different scales for measuring AMH, so first off you need to talk to your clinic and ask if they consider 4.7 low or not. Mine is 11ish which my clinic said by their scale is borderline between average and low. BUT they said they've successfully treated patients with 2 AMH. I think it mainly determines your drug regimen rather than your chances. But I would speak with the clinic ASAP to put your mind at rest. Good luck!


Hi Flitany,

Thank you so much for your message, I highly appreciate it. I sent today my result to my fertility clinic to let them know as my next appointment with them is on my 6th day of my cycle.

Just waiting for their reply anytime tomorrow. I am just optimistic.

Good luck to us all!

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I had an AMH of 3.20 (measured over a year ago) which is in the very low range. I was very upset by this, and for me, it's caused by my stage 4 endometriosis damaging my ovaries (thanks endo!).

I have been stressing and deliberating whether to even bother with IVF, given the low number (and I've had a surgery since so AMH will now be even lower).

My fertility specialist advised me I have a max 10% chance of IVF working, but then I am nearly 39 with endo so my situation is probably worse that yours.

However, I have decided I am going to go for it, and have a round of IVF - just to see how I respond to it. With low AMH, we are likely to be poor responders to IVF stimulation, but, really, we just never know. As the mantra goes, it only takes one good egg. If I don't try, I will never know. If it fails, I'll consider how I feel about donor eggs. Although I really struggle with that right now.

Are you planning to proceed with IVF?


Hi YellowRose,

Thank you for your moral support.

I spoke with one of the Doctors (fertility clinic) prior to my AMH done, he said I have 15% chance of positive result based on the results of some tests and procedures I had. It is very reassuring however, I am not convinced until I have the answer.

I already paid the full amount as required before you proceed for further consultations with them.

Egg donation is not my option. We will see what happen. I am just waiting for my 1day of my cycle so I can start for the next steps. I am looking forward that everything would be smooth sailing and IVF will work with us once.

Sending you my hug!


hi bluer, dont stress too much, as stress doesnt do us any goodml.i also have amh of 3.8, which is very low, again that means that my ovarian reserve is low, and stimulation mite b slow with me. my consultant said that due to low amh, i mite only have 4-6 eggs. but we only need 1 good egg.be positive keep ur fingers crossed and just give it a go.


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