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Serrapeptase & Reflexology

Hi everyone,

so after a lot of ups and downs in my relationship things have been okay again for us the past few weeks.

We will keep going and my OH is a lot more supportive now.

I have been back twice at the hospital and the last time was with my Fertility Specialist. He said that I won't need any more surgery before the IVF treatment as they removed all of the Endometriosis but that we are only on the waiting list as of the 13th of February 2014!! And waiting lists for the Glasgow area are between 18-20 months at the moment.

I have been going to a Chinese Clinic in Glasgow for the past 2 cycles for my blocked Fallopian Tubes and pain management.This very friendly Chinese Dr gives me herbs that I have to brew into a tea and drink twice a day.

It is very expensive tho as I pay over £ 200 a month!

Now I thought that I might try Reflexology for a few sessions as well as I heard great things about it especially for women with Blocked Fallopian Tubes. And its a lot cheaper as it comes to around £ 60 per month.

Given how expensive the Chinese Herbs are I guess I will give it til the end of April (another 2 cycles) and then just keep trying with Reflexology and possibly Serrapeptase as I heard it can eat scar tissue away?

Has anyone had any success with opening up their Tubes and fell pregnant naturally?

I know that herbal treatments can take their time to work as you work on the whole body and not just the tubes.

I really like the Chinese approach but its just extremely expensive and I just wanted to give it around 3 months to see if we get anywhere. Otherwise I would be happy to start it again 2 months before the upcoming IVF treatment as I heard that Acupuncture is very effective together with IVF treatments. Apparently it has a 60% success rate!

So my question is if anyone on here managed to get pregnant naturally with the help of Chinese medicine, or possibly Serrapeptase and Reflexology? I know there is one lady on here that managed to get pregnant after just 4 weeks with the help of change in Diet, Yoga and Chinese herbs..but I have been trying for longer then that and still don't get anywhere :-(

I changed my Diet and follow the Endometriosis Diet to 80% as I leave cows milk, wheat, gluten and a lot of sugar away. I also only eat organic fruit & veg and our beef is organic too.

Thank you all for reading this :-)

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Hi Ines2885. Good to hear that things are more settled with your OH. It is always confusing when People get conflicting reports regarding alternative medicines. Regarding TCM, there is much to say regarding the success stories you read about the herbs and woods they use. I have known many infertility sufferers who have tried the various remedies they prescribe who have gone on to achieve pregnancies and improved semen analysis without having to resort to conventional medicines – not too sure about its effect on the Fallopian tubes though. Remember though that many consultants tend to steer the female partner away from TCM whilst undergoing IUI/IVF/ICSI where prescribed drugs are used, as some of the ingredients used in TCM, of which there are often many, have been known to contribute to possible miscarriage as they contra indicate the way infertility drugs work. I feel that you are best guided by what your consultant/doctor advises and not use the herbs whilst actually using conventional IVF drugs. I do believe though that there is a place for TCM in the preparation of the body before treatment commences and also the Serrapeptase works well as an anti-inflammatory. All the best with all of this, and let’s hope it prepares you well for your forthcoming treatment. Diane

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Hi Diane,

thank you for all this information :-)

I thought that I might just do the TCM treatment for up to around 4 months. I have started with it on the 11th of January and might continue using it til May at the longest. Cause by then its going to be at least 5 cycles. This is now my 3rd cycle with the herbal treatment.

The TCM Dr recommends Herbal and Acupuncture treatment 8-10 weeks before IVF treatment starts to give your body the best preparation. A lot of women go on to continue with Acupuncture while they have the IVF treatment but they don't use the herbs during the IVF.

This Dr didn't promise me anything but he said that it might be possible to treat the Tubes with the herbs.

So I will see if we have any success during the next 2-3 cycles.

The IVF attempt won't start for another 17-18 months. So I have plenty of time to prepare my body for it.

Should it not happen naturally at all with the herbs then I would definitely like to do the Acupuncture before and during the IVF treatment and maybe even the Reflexology.

Thanks about the infos regarding Serrepaptase I will see if I find any infos about how to use it. I have seen it on Amazon.


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