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I've just had my last appointment all they can suggest is ivf though there is nothing wrong with myself or my partner

Ivf is insanely expensive .are there any other options .I've been poo pooed over my temperature charts and records of cervix etc .I feel so let down all they have done is weigh me and the usual scans .All of which prove I'm fine I'm ovulating etc .I've begged for progesterone so as my luetal phase may be increased has anyone any ideas .We've been trying 7 years and had one miscarriage also .

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Is there no chance of funding for your ivf? My husband and I have been trying for 7 years to with 3 miscarriages and no answers as to why we miscarried or why we can't get pregnant now! We're just starting our first and only cycle of ivf after pleading for funding! Have you asked about Chlomid? Good luck I hope things work out for you x


Unfortunately my partner has a son by a previous marriage .We've been told we therefore have a child!! I'm ovulating and tried chloride twice to no avail .I think it maybe my womb is not able to sustain a pregnancy due to low progesterone .

I just feel let down as they have done minimal testing ,not pointed me in any direction even adoption support group etc ,the doctor could not even look me in the eye I'm disappointed .


Thank you im currently going to petition them but hold on to the hope we will conceive naturally .I'm going to get my eggs assessed next week so we are in hope


Im sorry to hear you cant get funding.. you can get refured to an nhs ivf clinic and pay there. Rather

Than going to a private clinic.. im sure its slightly cheaper. Something you could look into


I should state my stepson does not live with us and we rarely see him .


Hi, you'll have been diagnosed as unexplained infertility, a frustrating diagnosis, but this means that based on standard tests they've not been able to idetify anything - which is why they are suggesting IVF, and not a series of drugs as if there is nothing to change with drugs there is no point prescribing them. The drugs are much cheaper so would be suggested if it were appropriate for your test results.

I was also diagosed unexplained, and we went for IVF. IVF will provide a lot more informaiton, and of course potential for a pregnanc. What it showed for us is that I was a poor responder to IVF hormones, even though my monthly ovulation hormones (and temperature charts) were fine and so things were changed to deal with this.

ONe thing they said to me was to stop charting my temparature, as what was more likely to get us regnant was lots of regular se.x rather than increasing stress levels of trying to time it to the temp peak.

Good luck

FG x


Some private companies will be interested to help you with charting your cycle; the fertility monitors are quite well rated, and clinics like zita west take a more holistic approach.

if you ovulate you don't need clomid. However, natural ivf (sometimes called mild ivf) would be a cheaper option than traditional ivf and if all your tests are good then its definitely worth considering.

You can get progesterone supplements, but im sure that your levels will have been checked or they would have said.

i do agree that medically charts and cervix measurements are not really that important if you have had the blood tests to prove you ovulate and have a decent leutal phase and hormone balance. You could try one of the fertility monitors, but don't be totally put off by ivf, it isn't as bad as people think. Its hard but i found normal TTC harder as at least i had some control over what was happening x


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